Granting access to Google Local Service Ads (LSA)

1. Go to your LSA Manager Account page and select your LSA Account
2. Select 🍔 Menu –> Access Accounts
3. Add ‘[email protected]‘ as an Admin.
4. Send invitation to Lokal to join.

Share Google Ads Customer ID

1. Sign in and select your Google Ads account from the Ads Picker
2. Get Google Ads Customer ID

In the upper right hand corner, you’ll Google Ads account’s Customer ID number.

3. Share it

Please copy it and put it in your onboarding intake or email it to your account rep.

4. Watch for an email

In the coming days, you will receive an email from Google Ads ask to grant access to ‘[email protected].

Please accept the request and confirm it has been accept by emailing your account rep.

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