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Lokal designs customer-focused websites that build trust and drive sales

Your website is your most visible asset. If built correctly, it can become a 24/7 virtual sales rep that never stops driving business–even when you sleep.

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Websites built by freelancers convert less than 1% of the time. Just say NO.

What makes a website
design successful?


Great User Experience

A well-designed website increases customer satisfaction, boosts conversions, and improves brand perception.

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Simplified Navigation

When visitors can find information easily and quickly, they are more likely to become customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving search engine rankings results in more traffic, which increases lead-gen and sales.

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Your website is not a place to skimp

As a service provider, do you sell poorly-constructed products that don’t last? Nope! We don’t either.

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The benefit of investing in a superior product is always clear.

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If you aren’t excited to send people to your website, it’s probably time for a new one.

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A well-built custom website will last longer, perform better, and require less maintenance.

Template vs. Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

  • SEO-focused will increase traffic
  • Brand alignment improves trust and brand strength
  • Integrates with existing fleet management systems
  • Visitors quickly find answers on services and service area locations
  • Mobile-friendly

Template Website Design

  • Less control over brand & design
  • Not SEO optimized
  • Goals & objective are not yours
  • Slow and perform poorly
  • Limited set of features

We’ll Improve Other Marketing
Channels Too!

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Grow & Scale

Paid Ads

Google Local Service Ads

Social Media Ads

Yelp, Nextdoor, Reddit

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Brand Building

Website Design


Users Interact with good design

Good design is good business.

  • Increased search engine visibility
  • More leads and conversions
  • Improved customers trust
  • Better engagement and conversions
  • Increased user experience

What makes Lokal’s website design for home service companies better?

Our award-winning design team has been doing this for 20 years.

The website development team spends 20 hours every year in additional continuing education and training to ensure we’re on top of new trends in digital marketing.

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Built with WordPress

  • We develop all our custom websites using the most popular content management system on the planet–WordPress.
  • We’ve built hundreds of websites on WordPress for clients of all sizes.
  • Nothing is outsourced. All client websites are designed and built in-house by our expert team.
  • Over 65% of all home service websites are built on WordPress and 24% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we can launch?

Site builds take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It depends on the amount of pages, copywriting, revisions, and scheduling.

Who owns my site?

You. You own every image, word, and hyperlink.

What’s a website redesign versus a brand new website?

Website redesigns can be less expensive than a brand new website primarily because if you have an existing website, there is some copy to work from. Even if it’s horrific copywriting, it’s less expensive to start with something, rather than nothing.

Why should I care about a fancy and expensive website?

The number one reason is your website is your storefront. How many customers or leads come to your home office as compared to your website?
Your website is the first and maybe that last chance you have to make a good impression.
If your website looks cheap and unprofessional, say goodbye to that new customer.

Who will write the copy for my website?

We strongly recommend the Lokal copywriters write all the copy on your website. 

Lokal copywriters are trained and experienced copywriters for home service businesses. 

Our copywriters have industry knowledge for the important keywords, the key phrases and have the tools to research what’s going to rank you the highest.

Can I just use chatGPT to write all the copy for my website?

You are certainly welcome to do that, however, we strongly recommend not copying from AI tools and putting them on your website. 

There are dozens and dozens of case studies showing Google is hip to AI content and when discovered demotes your website in search results.

Can I build my website myself and not waste money on an agency?

You are certainly welcome to do that, however, we strongly recommend using professionals. 

Think about all the times you or your techs have gone to a job where the homeowner has done a DIY or used the cheaper option. The reason you’re there is to fix it because it wasn’t done right.

Look at a competitor that you want to aspire to, does it look like they built their website themselves? Do you think they paid their friend’s high school kid to build it? Probably not.

For my new website, do I really need SEO?

We strongly recommend engaging in SEO during your website redesign.

The more consideration that goes into SEO, the higher you’re going to rank in search engines.

Can you host our website too?

Yes we can. Read more about our website hosting for home service businesses.

Who will support my website?

We provide website support plans for home service businesses. We have more information on our website support services page.

Can I get an estimate right now?

Absolutely. Give us a ring at (844) LOKAL-HQ.

Website Design packages start at $550 / month

Take advantage of packages and include hosting and support partnering with us.

High-quality website design is
a long-term game.

Take the first step towards dominating your local market

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