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Results of Successful SEO

Laser-Focused on Your Bottom Line

Good SEO brings page rankings and some organic traffic.

Great SEO brings first page rankings, backlinks, and increased sales & revenue.

SEO > Paid Advertising

  • SEO helps you rank organically for the best keywords without paying
  • SEO boosts traffic revenue and ROI over the long-term
  • Doesn’t get turned off should you stop buying ads
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SEO is a long game.

Take the first step towards dominating your local market.

20 years of data-driven success

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“Why should I care
about SEO?”

  1. Increase traffic for the long haul
  2. Increase traffic cost (the monthly cost in Paid Ad spend to rank for organic keywords)
  3. With more competition than ever and SEO for home services helps your brand get in front of more potential customers
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“Is SEO a waste
of money?”

  1. Your competitors are already doing it 
  2. Competing in SEO is no different from competing for eyeballs with billboards, fliers, and paid ads
  3. If you don’t invest in SEO, you aren’t going to rank above your competitors

What type of
search queries
are SEO:

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Visitors with intent to find an answer to a specific question

Google ads


Visitors want to find a specific page, site, or physical location

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Visitors with intent to investigate brands or services

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Visitors want to complete an action, purchase, or conversion

Improve brand visibility with end-to-end SEO

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Improve brand visibility
with end-to-end SEO

  • SEO is the single best strategy for affordable increases in traffic.
  • It doesn’t require a big initial investment and can result in years of traffic growth.

Our Proven 3-Pillar SEO Strategy

Our trades-focused SEO services are designed to drive leads,
increase sales, and fuel business growth.

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High-Quality Content

  • We help your business answer questions homeowners have on how your service can solve their problem.
  • This strategy allows Google to align customers’ questions with your service and solutions. 
  • And ultimately ranking your website on Google for all things related to your home service business.
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On-Page Optimization

  • Our team will ensure that your site is in optimal health. We aim to have page values rate at 92% or higher and page speed SEO scores achieve 98 or higher. Test your performance now.
  • We crawl your website every week and review: internal links, title tags, headings and meta descriptions. 
  • The analytics team will re-write them and test, test and test some more until we achieve maximum optimization
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Technical SEO

  • The foundation of a successful SEO strategy is technical SEO.
  • Regular technical audits identify gaps & opportunities on your website.
  • Technical recommendations for Google and webmaster best practices  are regularly updated and implemented by our team.
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Our goal is to bring the following to every client’s website:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

What makes Lokal’s SEO successful for home service companies?

  • Great writers and copywriting, including subject matter experts in home service trades
  • Optimizing content for homeowners and their intent
  • Technical knowledge on web development and search engine optimization
  • Ensuring websites have a user-friendly design and structure
  • Excellent know of Google’s 200+ signals and how they work
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How Can We Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you perform an SEO audit for us?


When can I expect results from SEO on my website?

We’ve implemented SEO solutions that move the needle as little as a few days and others that don’t make an impact for up to six months. SEO is a long game. It requires investment, as well as patience.

What results can I expect from your SEO services?

The goal is to dominate your local service areas. The more targeted we can be, the better the result.

What do I do if my website’s organic traffic starts falling?

With over 200 ranking factors rapidly moving, we recommend looking at trends over a long periods. If the overall trend is up over a few months, we’re moving the right direction. 

Our team stays on top of the latest happenings in search and will keep you abreast of penalties and algorithm changes occurring in the Google landscape.

Should I do SEO, Paid Search, or Both?

There is no one-size fits when it comes to home services digital marketing. We recommend that every service business invest holistically and use as many marketing channels as you’re able.

Will your team use AI tools like chatGPT or Google Bard to create content?

Absolutely not. Our team uses AI tools for research only. Text generated from search generative AI or chat AI tools should not be put on brand websites. This can be very dangerous and detrimental to your brand’s visibility on Google.

Will you do all the SEO and changes?

We can handle as much or as little of the process as you like!

Who owns the content?

You. You own every word. We provide you a service and made the content for you, therefore you get to do whatever you want with it.

What kinds of clients can you help the most?

We specialize in home service companies: Plumbers, HVAC, Roofers, Contractors, Garage Doors Installers & Repair, Gutter Installers & Cleaner, Appliance Repair, Pest Control, Restoration Services, Chimney Repairs & Chimney Sweeps, Pool Installers and Services, Water Treatment, Septic Systems, Tree Services, Landscapers, Electricians, Home Cleaning, Home Inspection, Moving Companies. If you provide home owners services, we got you.

Do you refresh our older content?

If you are engaged with us, we’re analyzing what should be happening. If your content is doing well, we leave it alone. If your search engine rankings (SERPs) aren’t ranking well, we’ll be testing new ideas and new content to improve rankings.

How will I know if the SEO strategies are working?

There are many ways to measure success. We’ll use report results as frequently as you like (monthly reports are fairly common). You’re in the captain’s chair and we’ll determine success metrics together before we start.

Will there be extra fees for work not in the marketing plan?

We usually cover everything upfront. Sometimes there are special technical SEO problems we might not have known about beforehand. So we occasionally charge for special development when needed. But you’ll get quoted before we start.

Do you have minimum contracts?

We’re month-to-month. Period. SEO goals require time and resources. If you want to go BIG and stay on top, it will be a commitment.

Can I get an estimate right now?

Absolutely. Give us a ring at (844) LOKAL-HQ.

SEO packages start at $750 / month

Take advantage of our website design and website support packages partnering with us.

Take the first step towards
dominating your local market.

Ensure you’re No. 1 in your service areas. More questions? Get them
answered with a free proposal.

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