Website Support for
Home Service Businesses

Website support designed to act like an extension of your team.

Lokal website support with human touch

Website support with
a human touch

  • No more Offshore support reps with bad connections.
  • No more unhelpful chatbots asking the same questions over and over.
  • No more unanswered requests.

Let us do the heavy

  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure your website is running at its very best for lead generation.
  • Our dedicated WordPress support team is available by phone, email, Slack, and chat. 
  • Lokal ongoing website support is built to address all your post-launch needs.
Lokal Heavy Lifting

Our expert WordPress support team
helps with:

Wordpress Training Icon

WordPress training & help

Site Enhancement Icon

Site enhancements

Drawing Icon

Design tweaks

Content Updates Icon

Content edits & updates

Website Hacks Icon

Website hacks

Feature Support Icon

New feature support

Field Management Icon

Setup Field Management integrations

Third Party Integration icon

Install and validate 3rd party integrations

Bug Fixes Icon

Bug fixes & broken

A few extras:

Plugin icon

WordPress plugin & theme

We ensure SafeUpdates themes, plugins, and extensions are always up-to-date.

Performance Icon

Using our Website Design, Hosting & Support package?

We guarantee your site is always up and running and working hard for your business.

Lock Icon

Security vulnerability protection

Round-the-clock protection ensures your website is secure, private, fast, and reliable.

Support Team Icon

Real people, not machines

Our Midwestern 100% US-based support team is available when you need us most, including after business hours.

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  • Lokal automatically performs plugin & theme updates on your WordPress Website. 
  • We keep your WordPress website up to date with the latest versions ensuring optimal performance of your site and keeping it safe from vulnerabilities like being hacked or malware (when a website redirects to a spam website).

Fast Response Time

Respond to phone calls, slacks, and chats immediately.
Email response is guaranteed within 4 hours.

Lokal Response Time Graphic

Why do we do all this?

  • No more website stress. You don’t have to worry about a darn thing.
  • Avoids extra IT costs and offload activities that are not core strengths to your business.
  • We price our support fees competitively so you can focus on growing your home service business.

Benefits of website support with
Lokal vs. the other guys


  • All team members are located in the United States
  • Dedicated Account Rep and a phone number to call
  • No need to allocate additional resources
  • Competitive pricing
  • Your team’s stays focused on your core business

Other guys

  • Only support you via website chat
  • Average ticket time is 2-3 days
  • Support team located overseas
  • No account rep to address your needs

Access & Authorization

To properly support your website we need a WordPress administrator
account setup for the email address support at and
the username to also be supported at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will support my site?


We are a fully-staffed team of experts who know WordPress inside and out.

Why do we need a support plan?

Every website needs constant attention. Set it and forget it is a bad strategy that leaves you vulnerable and outdated.

To use your site as a lead generation engine, we want to always ensure everything is working perfectly.

Why is a support plan important?

Without it, your site collects cobwebs and can become slow or laggy or, even worse, vulnerable to hackers or malware. Lokal’s support ensures you’re protected.

What timezone are you in?

Our team is located in the Eastern and Central time zones. Support members are available for immediate responses from 9am – 5pm Eastern Time. 

After hours support is available via email, slack, and our support portal.

Can I see the status of my issue?

Of course. We use a support portal to manage all our customer’s issues.

How long will my support issue take to resolve?

Unfortunately it totally depends. Some issues are very quick to resolve and others can be a bit more complicated and require a few hours.

We guarantee we will respond to you and keep you abreast of the issue and how long it will take to resolve.

What’s typically included in the support plan?

Plugin updates.

Theme updates.

Training, WordPress help & troubleshooting.

Ensuring your site is up-to-date and secure.

What credentials do you need to access my site?

We need our own WordPress administration login. Our preference is that the login and username is [email protected].

Do you offer phone support?

Yes we do!

Is there a contract?

No contracts. This is month-to-month. Cancel anytime.

Website Support packages start at $150 / month

Partner with us to take advantage of packages that include website design and hosting.

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