6 Creative HVAC Ads Using Consumer Psychology to Stand Out

How do you get people to stop scrolling and click on your ad?

Show them you understand and can solve their pain points instead of telling them how you’re the #1 service provider in your area.

This means your ads need to 

  • Tap into your audience’s emotions using relatable experiences 
  • Offer direct service benefits your audience care about 
  • Create a sense of urgency to drive immediate action

We rounded up six examples of creative HVAC ads that ditch the boring “service-centric” copy users are accustomed to and use “customer-centric” copy instead. 

For each one, we explain why it’s creative, along with key takeaways to help you create ads that resonate with your audience and get you more clicks and leads. 

1. Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc: Relatable Facebook Video

Assurance Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.’s furnace repair video ad checks all three boxes for what makes HVAC ads creative: emotion, benefits, and actionable.

AssuranceHVAC used a dog pun and an image of the household pet as the video thumbnail to appeal to a larger percentage of its local audience.

assurance heating air conditioning facebook ad

Dogs are the most popular pets in the U.S. — 65.1 million households own one. Many even consider dogs to be part of the family and one of their best friends

AssuranceHVAC operates in the US (precisely Illinois), so it’s likely that the majority of its target audience are dog owners. Adding a familiar, relatable aspect of their lives can evoke feelings of nostalgia and fond memories.

Also, did you notice the dog in the ad giving puppy eyes to the camera? A study found that dogs use puppy eyes to make humans attentive and empathetic to their needs. The look is also hard to ignore, as it resembles sadness and a desire for care and comfort.

Using the puppy eyes image allowed AssuranceHVAC to tap into these emotions and increase its chances of connecting with more homeowners emotionally.

Plus the pun, “Winter can be ‘ruff’” adds a playful and light-hearted element to the ad.  It: 

  • Ties in directly with the theme of winter 
  • Emphasizes a relatable pain point — how rough winter is without a way to keep warm 

2: Added a discount to influence purchase decisions

Everyone loves a good deal and it influences how we buy. 

Two out of three consumers have made a purchase because of a discount (even though they didn’t originally plan to buy). And four out of five buy for the first time when there’s a discount.

AssuranceHVAC recognizes the power of discounts and strategically includes a $50 discount in the video thumbnail and ad copy.

Offering a discount is particularly effective in attracting first-time buyers. It increases the likelihood of converting visitors into customers, especially those who

  • May have been hesitant to trust using AssuranceHVAC’s services for the first time 
  • Don’t have the full amount to pay for the service upfront

3: Used a clear and direct call to action, “Click below”

The phrase Click below” clearly instructs the audience on what action to take next. 

And when the $50 discount is mentioned alongside, it reinforces the immediate incentive the audience will benefit from taking action. 

Tip! Use a more direct, specific call-to-action button text like “Book now” or “Contact us” instead of “Learn more” like AssuranceHVAC did. It removes ambiguity, making it easier for users to know what step they should take next.

Plus, it encourages interested buyers to act immediately rather than postponing their decision. 

And it works best to link the CTA button to your appointment scheduling page, so you don’t lose them.

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Use familiar, relatable images and texts your audience can relate to, based on what’s popular in your service area
  • Offer discounts (within your budget) to get more prospects to click on your ad
  • Make your call-to-action specific and tailored to your goal. For example, if you want to direct traffic to a specific service page, link to it in the CTA button

2. A Quality HVAC Services LLC: Valentine Giveaway Facebook Ad

A Quality HVAC Services LLC used a Valentine’s giveaway to get more people to attend the Phoenix Suns basketball game, as well as advertise its HVAC services.

The giveaway post generated over 270 reactions and 100+ (positive) comments, miles ahead of the engagement from any other recent post.

quality HVAC services giveaway facebook ad

1: Tapped into something their target audience loves

Basketball is one of the most watched sports in Arizona, with Phoenix Suns as the most popular

Giving away tickets to a Suns game helped to increase A Quality HVAC’s visibility within Phoenix, Arizona (one of its service areas). 

It also positioned the company as one that understands and values the interests of its customers (which resulted in a significant number of reactions and replies).

2: Made a limited time offer on a day almost everyone cares about

A Quality HVAC used the game to attract basketball fans in the area (probably homeowners who’ll need HVAC services now or later) to share the moment with a loved one, on Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day is a widely celebrated event where most people love to go on solo or group dates. Or celebrate a special someone’s birthday. 

Offering locals a chance to enjoy the day watching a game they love for free and $100 to spend (while on the date or whenever they prefer) is a great way to connect with your target audience better. 

Plus, the limited offers creates scarcity and a sense of urgency among consumers. 

This powerful HVAC marketing strategy makes prospects feel motivated to participate in the giveaway, mostly because of the fear of missing out on free basketball tickets and the $100 gift card for Valentine’s. 

And it works well when your ad copy doesn’t come off as coercive or overly persuasive. 

In exchange for the gifts, the HVAC company now has more leads — access to participants via their email addresses.

3: Directed interested people to enter the contest

Asking readers to click the link to enter the contest tells them what to do next. 

When you click the link, it leads to a registration page that has details of the contest and a box to enter your email address. 

But you also see a list of air conditioning services A Quality HVAC offers to its Phoenix customers, as well as a CTA to request a service.

enter the content screenshot

This way, anyone filling out the form can see a list of ways the company can help them and proceed to check them out or book an appointment directly (if they have an issue with their AC).

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Ensure the gifts in your giveaway contest are relevant to the event and your audience’s preferences
  • Collect relevant contact details such as their email address and phone number to stay in touch
  • Make sure the signup page has details about your services and a direct link to request service
  • Create scarcity with limited-time offers to get more people to act faster

3. Standard Heating and Air Conditioning: Instagram Ad

Compared to other text-based ads on the list, Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Instagram ad is short and to the point.

standard heating instagram post

1: Offered buyers a discount

Standard Heating and Air Conditioning gives its audience a clear promise: $850 instant savings.

As we mentioned already, discounts influence the way prospects buy. 

Letting customers know upfront what exactly they stand to gain ($850 instant savings) will likely drive the buyer to make a decision to take advantage of the opportunities.

2: Called out a major pain point its audience have

Standard Heating and Air Conditioning’s Instagram ad calls out a major customer pain point during the summer season: the discomfort that comes with the hot weather.

Clients want to be understood and valued; they’re more likely to hire companies that show they understand and empathize with their struggles. 

So highlighting the most relevant pain point in your copy (We know it’s been hot, in this case) helps to increase your chances of getting clicks and leads from your ads.

3: Gave prospects a way to contact the company directly

Also, giving prospects a way to contact the company directly is a great way to eliminate user friction and let customers contact you right away. 

Plus, it’s a more appropriate CTA for Instagram, especially with limited options for adding a link to the actual post.

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Highlight the #1 pain point your audience is having (in five words or less)
  • Give prospects a benefit they can’t resist (e.g., a way to save money)
  • Share your phone number so they can easily reach you

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4. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: Facebook Ad

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning used the words of customers to gain initial trust and have more people take action.

One hour heating and air conditioning facebook ad

1: Used social proof to build initial trust

Using customer testimonials helped One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning show prospects that real people have had positive experiences with their HVAC services. 

People trust the opinions of others who have had firsthand experience with a product or service (even if those customers are strangers) rather than the brand themselves. 

However, while using customer testimonials is a great strategy, the HVAC company didn’t provide a way for prospects to verify its authenticity. The Facebook ad would have been more effective if the “Learn more” CTA linked to its booking page. Right now, it links to the company’s homepage for its Southeast Pennsylvania area.

one hour heating air conditioning hero

Linking to the booking page means people don’t have to scroll to find a link to book. Those who click on your ad are at least half sold on your offering. 

So, you should rather lead them to your service request page where they can book an appointment right away, see testimonials, and go over the benefits of using your service. 

And you can have links to other relevant service pages, in case the prospects need to learn more.

Also, placing the testimonial around the hero section or other hard-to-miss spots would have also made it easy for people to verify its authenticity on the platform the client left the review (your Google Business Profile, Yelp…). 

2: Promises potential buyers a full refund to them more reasons to trust them

Another thing the ad gets right is the promise, “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” 

It tells the prospect what to expect — if One Hour’s technicians fail to arrive at the scheduled time, they won’t be charged for the service.

Offering a guarantee like this helps to instill (initial) confidence in your customers. It shows that you are willing to back up your promises with a tangible guarantee. 

Plus, many customers love offers that save them money and don’t impact service quality. Fulfilling this promise creates a great experience for the customer, which in turn, increases your revenue potential by up to 7%.

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Use customer testimonials to show prospects real customers who have had positive experiences
  • Link to the testimonial on Google or the relevant platform, so prospects can verify its authenticity
  • Ensure your CTA links to a page where they can book a service right away 
  • Back up your promises with a tangible money-saving guarantee

5. Trusted Plumbing Heating: Google PPC Ads

Trusted Plumbing Heating’s Google Ad highlights the most critical information in 180 characters (or less), including their operating hours.

plumber seatle Google ad example

1: Optimized its meta title and description to rank higher in the results page

Most HVAC PPC ads use the 160-character meta description to share

  • How “great” their service
  • How long they’ve been in business
  • How they’re the #1 in the industry

Truth is, Trusted Plumbing Heating did a bit of this. 

The team optimized the ad to rank for the HVAC keyword, “Top-Rated Plumbing Service.”

But they also use the meta description to 

  • Make a promise to prospects (“Turn your plumbing nightmare into a thing of the past”) 
  • Prompt prospects to take action (“receive a free estimate” and “financing available”)

2: Offers customers a way to save money

Financing options removes financial barriers for customers. 

When buyers have access to financing, they may be more likely to proceed with the purchase. Offering them a way to save money while solving a problem increases your chances of 

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Share the most relevant information customers need to make a decision (think benefits instead of self-promotional phrases)
  • Include the key benefit customers stand to gain from using your service in your meta description
  • Use reciprocity — give prospects something for free — such as a free estimate, financing options, consultations, or maintenance checks

6. Griffin Air: YouTube Video Ad

Griffin Air’s YouTube Video ad is a truly great example of a visual creative HVAC ad.

1: Used a relatable situation and pain point

Griffin Air’s AC services are what they want people to know about.

But to catch their attention, Griffin Air first shares everyday home tools we have come to rely on to make our lives easier.

“The pipes in the kitchen go a long way in making sumptuous meals… The AC right next to you keeps you thinking forward…”

(Notice how they tie each tool to a direct benefit homeowners and in-office team members enjoy.)

Then they call out a major pain point, “…until these things stop working,” along with an image of an employee trying to turn on the AC. 

(Remember selling their AC services is the whole point of this ad).

Right after, they introduce the solution “Griffin Air,” along with images of Griffin Air’s technicians doing the work on different client sites. 

Griffin Air’s technicians doing the work on different client sites

These images show they’re a real company that walks the talk. 

2: Offers a solution with tangible proof

And to back up their claims, they share screenshots of real customer testimonials anyone can verify on sites like Yelp and Google. 

screenshots of real customer testimonials on video

3: Offered a direct way for interested buyers to contact them

After building initial trust with these details, Griffin Air then provides a direct way for prospects to contact them (a phone number) and a link to their site for additional information.

And they don’t fail to mention who Griffin Air offers special discounts to (seniors, military personnel, and loyal customers). 

This strategy is simply a way to attract prospects who fall into the first two categories and encourage existing customers’ loyalty.

Key takeaways

To create an ad like this one, 

  • Lead with a relatable situation and pain point
  • Show prospects why you’re the company they need (with tangible proof like job photos and positive reviews)
  • Share specific incentives they will benefit and a way to reach you directly

Use consumer psychology to create HVAC ads that stand out

The best way to get more ad clicks and leads is to create HVAC ads that 

  • Evoke a strong emotional response from your audience using relatable experiences
  • Show them why they should choose you using social proof and direct service benefits
  • Create urgency through limited-time offers or offer something of value to customers for free (free estimates, consultations, or maintenance checks) 

Use this playbook to create HVAC ads that build trust with prospects and drive them to take action.

Don’t have the bandwidth to create these ads on your own? Get yourself a marketing partner. Choose one from our list of eight top HVAC marketing agencies. 

FAQs about Creative HVAC Ads

How do you attract HVAC customers?

You can attract HVAC customers by advertising your business using creative ads and posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yelp, and Next Door.

Do Facebook ads work for HVAC?

HVAC Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to amplify your brand and services, get more leads, and grow your business. Ads on the platform reach 72.5% of Facebook’s total audience, which is around 2.1 billion social media users per day.

What are some creative HVAC ad ideas?

10 HVAC advertising ideas that have been proven to get you more leads are:

– Seasonal tune-up offers
– Maintenance memberships
– Peak seasons discounts
– Gift card incentivizes
– Free diagnostics 
– Trade-in & replacement discounts
– Promote customer reviews
– Affordable financing
– Search engine optimization
– Google ads

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