100+ HVAC SEO Keywords That Generate The Most Leads For HVAC Businesses

We rounded up 100+ HVAC SEO keywords to use in your web copy and content to attract visitors with high buying intent to hire your services. 

The list is based on four criteria:

  • Search volume: the average number of times users type a query in search engines
  • Search intent: their specific goal for the search (what they want to achieve)
  • Keyword difficulty (KD): how hard it is to rank in the top 10 organic results 
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): how much you pay each time a user clicks on your ad

We grouped these money keywords into nine categories to help you choose the right ones for different use cases. 

For each category, we define what they are, give examples of keywords, and a key tip to increase your chances of ranking for these keywords. 

(Note: All the tips in each category aren’t exhaustive — they’re not the only ranking or lead generation factor. But they significantly increase your chances of seeing results.)

1. Service HVAC SEO keywords

HVAC service keywords are general, popular terms people use to search for companies that offer heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. 

These seed phrases represent the core services you offer, so they form the basis of your HVAC SEO and paid advertising strategy. 

Adding them throughout your most important pages (such as your home, about, contact, blog, and services page) and meta tags helps Google understand what your site is about. 

This, in turn, increases the chances of 

To inspire you, here are 15 examples of service HVAC SEO keywords to use on your site:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
Furnace repair74,000Commercial6418.28
Air conditioning repair49,500Commercial7630.56
Air duct cleaning49,500Commercial769.11
AC repair40,500Commercial6331.80
Furnace replacement40,500Commercial6512.27
HVAC contractor27,100Commercial6118.20
AC installation22,200Commercial7815.68
HVAC technician18,100Informational6512.30
Air duct cleaning services8,100Commercial559.32
Refrigeration repair8,100Commercial323.92
Furnace maintenance6,600Informational3318.53
Air conditioning services5,400Commercial5931.91
Duct cleaning services5,400Commercial559.32
Heating services2,400Commercial3019.94
Heating system repair1,300Commercial3824.94

How to rank for service HVAC SEO keywords

We could give the general advice: include service HVAC SEO keywords on your

  • Home, About, Contact, and other critical landing pages
  • Blog, Meta tags, meta descriptions, etc

But applying these tips doesn’t mean your site will appear in the search results for these keywords, as they are mostly difficult to rank for. 

Instead, create pillar pages using keywords that match the services you offer, then create your cluster content using related long-tail HVAC keywords. 

For example, Korte Does It All has a dedicated pillar page for its heating services offering. The primary keyword is “heating services” which appears in its hero section and body copy.

Korte heating services screenshot

And within the pillar page, there are links to related HVAC services (furnace, heat pumps) and related guides that link to other pages on the site.

Korte heating systems screenshot

So even though the website has a domain rating of 15, it still ranks fourth on Google’s first page.

Korte on Google search

To implement:

  • Develop dedicated pillar pages for your primary service HVAC keywords
  • Include the primary keyword in your page title, headings, meta description, URL, and throughout the body content
  • Create cluster content (guides, FAQs, sub-category pages, etc) around related long-tail HVAC keywords 
  • Link your pillar pages with related cluster content and other relevant pages on your website
  • Use descriptive anchor text that includes target keywords to signal to search engines the relevance of the linked pages

2. Geo-targeting HVAC SEO keywords

Think of geo-targeting keywords as signposts — they help your target audience find HVAC businesses within their service area.

For example, say your HVAC company is based in Chicago. 

Adding geo-targeted keywords to your website content and business listings (such as Google My Business) makes the people who search for “HVAC services in Chicago” more likely to see your HVAC business in search results for your service area. 

And since 60% of people contact businesses directly from local search results, you increase your chances of getting inquiries and appointments when you rank for them.

There are different variations of this category of keywords, such as:

  • City-specific keywords, like “HVAC repair services in [City Name]”
  • Regional keywords, like “Central [State/Region] HVAC installation”
  • District keywords, like “Reliable heating repair near [Neighborhood/District]”

Here are 15 examples of geo-targeting keywords to use. For each one, we use “Chicago” as the location to show you the different ways to add your service area. 

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
furnace repair Chicago390Commercial180.00
HVAC contractor Chicago140Commercial469.39
Air conditioning repair service Chicago IL110Commercial3612.23
HVAC contractors Chicago90Commercial399.39
Best HVAC companies in Chicago90Commercial3213.60
HVAC companies in Chicago70Commercial4016.44
Chicago HVAC contractors50Commercial409.39
Commercial HVAC contractors Chicago40Informational39.25
HVAC contractors Chicago area40Commercial389.39
Air conditioning installation Chicago40Commercial270.00
Chicago IL HVAC contractor30Informational439.39
Emergency AC repair Chicago20Commercial10.00
HVAC services in Chicago10Commercial3812.74
Top HVAC services in Chicago0-10Commercial430.00
Emergency AC Repair in Chicago IL01-Commercial50.00

How to rank for geo-targeting HVAC SEO keywords

Take the keywords from the list (replace Chicago or Chicago Illinois with your own location). 

Then review your most important landing pages (Home, Service category pages, About, and Contact) to see if these keywords appear. 

Instead of doing this manually, type your site’s URL into Semrush’s site audit tool to spot areas where these keywords are missing. 

Then add the keywords naturally into your content on these pages. 

For example, San Diego-based HVAC company, Bill Howe, optimized its air conditioning service page for the keyword “San Diego AC repair services.”

Service Page Seo

Including the target keyword naturally in its title, subheadings, and body copy helped Google see how relevant the page is to the searcher’s query. And the webpage dominates the search results, as a result.

Service Page On Google Using Keyword

If your business operates in multiple locations, create standalone service pages for each area. Apollo Home takes this approach.

Apollo Service Pages Using Keywords

The method clears up any confusion, making it easy for you to share location-specific details and offers to your audiences. 

Or create a central page that highlights all the service areas in your hero section like Logan AC and Heat Services did:

Homepage Service Areas on Hero

3. Near me HVAC SEO keywords

Near me keywords are queries people use when looking to hire HVAC contractors closest to their current location. 

More than half of website users surf the internet with their mobile devices, with their GPS enabled (as many apps require users to turn on their location).

This helps Google automatically detect the searcher’s current location and recommend the most relevant results to them. 

So, optimizing your content for near me searches makes it easy for Google to see your content as relevant and show it to locals looking to hire services like yours. 

Here are 15 examples of near me HVAC SEO keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
Furnace repair near me40,500Transactional4819.19
HVAC repair near me22,200Transactional6226.39
HVAC companies near me27,100Transactional5826.01
Best HVAC companies near me3,600Commercial4618.64
Heating service near me2,400Transactional5022.74
Affordable HVAC repair near me1,000Transactional4917.60
Emergency HVAC near me1,000Transactional2428.02
Best HVAC contractors near me880Commercial5118.64
Emergency furnace service near me260Transactional2812.47
HVAC specialists near me170Transactional5128.91
Affordable AC repair near me140Transactional5134.71
Affordable AC repair near me140Transactional5134.71
24/7 HVAC repair near me30Transactional1020.64
Local HVAC contractors near me30Transactional500.00
Same-day AC service near me30Transactional5637.68

How to rank for near me HVAC SEO keywords

To dominate the ‘near me’ search results, make sure you have an active and optimized Google Business profile. 

To do this, type your keyword (Furnace repair near me, in this context) into Google or your preferred search engine. 

furnace repair google search screenshot

F&J AC Installation and Repair ranks at the top of the local search results because its profile has enough (clear) information for Google to understand what is about.

So, ensure that your business name, address, phone number, and website URL are accurate and consistent with your other online listings.

If you haven’t listed your business on Google already, follow the steps here to create a profile, or claim your business and verify ownership

To ensure your business profile is well optimized, include details like:

  • Your full business name and address
  • Complete directions to your physical address using Google Maps
  • Short description of your business (its services, years in business, etc)
  • Primary and secondary service categories 
  • Business operating hours 
  • Contact information (like phone number and website)
  • Actual team and work photos (not stock images)
  • Social proof (encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your profile)

And always update your business profile regularly. 

Maintaining a complete, accurate profile increases your chances of ranking higher for local searches. It also makes prospects 70% more likely to visit your site and 50% more likely to request a quote or book an appointment.

Note: Do not include ‘near me’ in your copy to try to optimize for this keyword. Keyword optimization is more about intent (in this case, a business address near the searcher’s location) than exact words, so use natural keywords everytime.

4. Emergency HVAC SEO keywords

Emergency keywords are phrases prospects type in search engines when they urgently need HVAC services (such as repairs, maintenance, or replacements).

Particularly during unexpected breakdowns or extreme weather conditions. 

These searchers are more likely to become leads or customers because they’re motivated by an urgent need and are actively seeking an immediate solution in their service area.

Here are 15 examples of emergency HVAC SEO keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
emergency ac repair4400Transactional2138.47
emergency hvac services1300Commercial2530.14
same day ac repair880Commercial2840.30
hvac emergency service590Commercial2630.14
24/7 hvac service near me260Transactional1617.81
same day air duct cleaning110Commercial2514.09
24-hour emergency hvac service90Commercial919.21
emergency ac unit repair70Commercial1838.47
after hours furnace repair40Commercial2311.13
same day air duct cleaning & ac repair30Commercial290.00
quick ac repair30Commercial4021.78
urgent ac repair near me30Transactional330.00
emergency hvac contractor30Commercial2237.72
urgent hvac repair20Commercial2341.97
emergency commercial hvac repair1-10Commercial350.00

How to rank for emergency HVAC SEO keywords

Include emergency HVAC keywords in your meta tags and URL. 

These keywords tell Google that your page is relevant enough to be displayed in the search results (as we mentioned already).

Since these searchers need immediate assistance, seeing words like “emergency,” “urgent,” or “same day” will make them more likely to click on your listing. 

For example, ARS Rescue Rooter dominates the search results for “emergency HVAC services.”

emergency HVAC services on Google

The meta title and description have different variations of the keywords and sets the expectation for the searcher. It answers two questions:

  • Do you offer emergency AC or heating services? (Yes) 
  • How available are you (7 days a week)

As a result, the prospect can immediately see the page aligns with what they want. 

Adding their available hours (say, available 24 hours, 7 days a week) will help give the searcher more context and save them time, so they can make a choice. 

Also to optimize your meta tags,

  • Make your title tag benefit-driven and under 60 characters to ensure it displays properly in search results
  • Write a meta description that summarizes the main points of the web page in 155 characters or less, so your content doesn’t get cut off
  • Make your URLs short and descriptive (they should definitely carry the primary keyword you’re targeting)
  • Use descriptive alt text (that carries the primary keyword) for each image (where necessary)
  • Add geo-targeted keywords to your meta tags and content to boost local SEO

5. Seasonal HVAC SEO keywords

Seasonal HVAC keywords are search terms people use to find HVAC solutions during different seasons of the year. 

Say it’s summer, and people want to stay cool and comfortable despite the hot weather. They’ll likely use phrases like “AC tune-up” or “Summer air conditioning.”

Creating content around these keywords increases your chances of getting discovered and hired to do the job. 

Here are 15 examples of seasonal HVAC SEO keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
Spring HVAC maintenance70Informational160.00
Fall furnace maintenance30Informational1912.69
Summer air conditioning70Informational348.62
ac summer tune up50Commercial220.00
hvac winter maintenance50Informational1115.96
HVAC system frozen20Informational283.35
Summer AC repair10Informational10.00
24/7 summer HVAC repair0-10Commercial150.00
AC tune-up for spring0-10Informational370.00
Emergency AC assistance in summer0-10Commercial500.00
Autumn heater tune-up0-10Informational100.00
Fall thermostat adjustment0-10Informational190.00
Summer air conditioner installation0-10Informational350.00
UV air purification for summer0-10Commercial340.00
Winter emergency HVAC repair0-10Informational120.00

How to rank for seasonal HVAC SEO keywords

Most seasonal HVAC SEO keywords have informational intent. 

The searcher wants to learn something new, so creating educational content will help. Plus they’re mostly easier to rank for, as they have a low keyword density. 

Create detailed how-to guides that show people how to solve a seasonal task. 

For example, NJ Air Pros ranks for the keyword “spring HVAC maintenance.” They created a guide to help its audience prepare for Spring.

nj airs ranks on google

The guide goes straight to the point, sharing why maintaining your HVAC system is good and specific tips on how to do it. 

To increase your chances of ranking, ensure your guides contain helpful, actionable tips people can use to take action. This means:

  • Provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions that guide users through the steps they need to take
  • Add real or solid hypothetical examples and scenarios to illustrate your points and demonstrate how your tips can be applied to the situation 
  • Provide actionable recommendations users can immediately practice

Need Help with HVAC SEO?

Cost-related keywords are search terms users use when they are interested in the pricing.

For example, someone might search for ‘furnace repair prices’ to get an idea of the expenses involved before committing to a service provider.

The prospect is in the consideration or decision stage — they have likely identified a need for HVAC services and are now actively comparing prices to 

  • Choose a provider 
  • Check for financing options
  • Know how to budget for the service

Having your pricing information published on your site and online directories or making it easy to contact you for these details reduces friction, so they can find what they need. 

Here are 15 examples of cost-related HVAC SEO keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
AC repair cost1600Informational6811.29
HVAC maintenance cost590Informational438.55
Affordable duct cleaning170Navigational414.26
HVAC financing options170Commercial450.00
HVAC cost estimate70Informational574.36
Affordable air conditioner repair30Commercial2728.79
Affordable AC installation30Commercial559.90
Low-cost heating repair10Commercial530.00
Cost-effective heating solutions20Hydrid492.25
Discounted HVAC repairs0-10Transactional610.00
Budget-friendly HVAC services0-10Commercial610.00
HVAC financing plans0-10Commercial490.00
HVAC service discounts0-10Transactional610.00
HVAC financing1900Commercial497.55
Low-cost furnace maintenance0-10Commercial460.00

How to rank for cost-related HVAC SEO keywords

To rank for these keywords, create a pricing page that directly tells people what they are supposed to pay. 

Or a blog post (plus a free tool) that shares the typical rates a particular HVAC service (say AC repair) will cost, like Today’s Homeowner did

homeowner blog hero

7. DIY HVAC SEO keywords

DIY keywords are long-tail phrases people use to search for tips to help them complete HVAC-related tasks on their own.

For example, anyone searching for “How to improve indoor air quality” wants to know how to do it themselves. 

And if they aren’t able to fix it themselves, they’ll most likely hire a professional in their area (that’s you if they found your content helpful).                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Here are 14 examples of DIY HVAC SEO keywords to consider using: 

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
Indoor air quality5,400Informational672.74
why is my AC blowing hot air?2,900Informational328.39
AC coil cleaning1,900Informational482.52
how to install a thermostat1,600Informational550.91
boiler maintenance1300Informational369.96
how often to replace furnace filter1300Informational510.66
how to improve indoor air quality720Informational671.45
Does closing vents redirect air320Informational360.00
Heat pump vs. furnace320Informational441.52
How to winterize pipes260Informational290.45
Furnace maintenance checklist260Informational294.70
Why does my sump pump smell140Informational91.80
how to change a furnace thermostat50Informational485.03
How to clean air ducts at home50Informational401.84
Can I snake my own drain40Informational399.61
AC maintenance tips30Informational635.38

How to rank for DIY HVAC SEO keywords

Understand why people want to read about a specific topic. 

Then create content that resonates with your ideal clients at the awareness/interest stage of their journey.

Search engines like Google reward helpful content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience.

So, if you want to rank higher, your content needs to provide comprehensive and specific answers to questions your ideal customers have. 

For example, Apollo Home ranks among the top three on Google for more than 200 high-intent keywords. 

One of these keywords “How to winterize pipes” has 250 monthly searches, and Apollo Home ranks in the top three results.

apollo plumbing-winterization guide

The piece contains clear instructions that empower the reader to complete the process themselves.

apollo plumbing winterization guide post

But if the reader is unable to complete the process themselves, there are calls to action for them to schedule an appointment.

apollo plumbing winterization guide post cta

You could create a video to show your audience the process of winterizing their pipes. Or include a FAQs to answer related questions your audience may have. 

Break it down into a series of actionable steps, like a ladder, with each step building on the other. 

Make your paragraphs short and to the point and include images or videos to show (and not tell) your audience how to start and finish the process. 

This way, they can tell when they’re getting the steps right and where they’re missing it.

8. High-traffic HVAC SEO keywords

High-traffic HVAC keywords are phrases that receive a significant volume of searches on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

These popular keywords are mostly used to find and compare HVAC services before the searcher makes a decision. 

Here are 15 examples of high-traffic HVAC SEO keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
Furnace repair74,000Commercial4723.92
Air duct cleaning49.500Commercial709.11
AC repair40,500Commercial6630.56
air conditioner repair40,500Commercial6830.56
furnace replacement40,500Commercial6512.27
Duct cleaning27,100Commercial608.78
HVAC contractors18,100Commercial6223.20
furnace installation18,100Informational5314.75
Air conditioning repair service14,800Commercial6525.05
HVAC companies9,900Commercial6221.57
HVAC services8,100Commercial5126.13
HVAC maintenance8,100Informational6620.75
Heat pump repair8,100Commercial3517.43
Duct cleaning services6,600Commercial5610.33
emergency hvac services1,300Commercial2530.14

How to rank for high-traffic HVAC SEO keywords

Create link-worthy content. 

Google uses backlinks to determine the relevance and quality of your web pages. 

Say a website with a high domain authority score links to your site. Google interprets the link as a vote of confidence. 

It’s like the site telling the search engine, “Hey, this piece is useful and trustworthy enough to recommend to people searching for this topic.” And Google listens. 

That’s why pages with the highest number of total (credible) backlinks rank best.

Some examples of link-worthy content for HVAC websites include:

  • Maintenance, repairs, or installation checklists
  • Original research or statistics roundup   
  • DIY troubleshooting guides

Make these resources so useful, actionable, and educational that other HVAC and non-HVAC websites and industry experts want to link to them as references. 

After creating the asset, 

  • Optimize for relevant, related keywords 
  • Repurpose and share on your main social media channel(s)
  • Share with industry groups, subreddits you’re in, and communities
  • Ask your followers to share as well
  • Inform industry influencers about the asset, so they can link to it (if they find it useful)
  • Consider writing guest posts for HVAC-related blogs, so you can reference and link to your asset within these posts

Bottom line?

Ask for a link back to your content or website in exchange for valuable HVAC-related content or expertise.

9. Easy to rank for HVAC SEO keywords

These HVAC keywords have relatively lower search volumes compared to high-traffic keywords. 

But they offer your business a chance to attract targeted traffic and generate qualified leads with less effort. 

Here are 15 examples of easy to rank for keywords to consider using:

KeywordMonthly VolumeIntentKD (%)CPC ($)
is duct cleaning a waste of money3600Informational354.05
HVAC blowing cold air in winter320Informational169.59
how often should you have your air ducts cleaned260Informational365.34
emergency heater repair210Commercial2824.81
who to call for furnace repair170Informational2114.54
how long does it take to install an ac unit140Informational225.31
how are water pumps in hydronic heating systems checked140Informational140.00
what type of heating system do I have110Informational153.57
DIY furnace maintenance50Informational315.60
how to find the seer rating on ac50Informational290.00
how to prepare AC for summer40Informational230.00
On call plumbing heating and air40Informational269.93
HVAC tips for homeowners30Informational140.00
Pros and cons of smart thermostats30Informational211.11
do it yourself furnace maintenance30Informational320.00
should I repair or replace my heat pump20Informational120.00

How to rank for easy to rank for HVAC SEO keywords

Create a FAQ section for your pillar and cluster content. Or a roundup blog post that answers related FAQs like Apollo Home does.

For example, this blog post answers some questions HVAC clients typically have on “closing air vents.”


Addressing related questions in one article it easier for them to find answers to different queries in a single visit.

To find these easy-to-rank keywords to use for your FAQs, use keyword research tools like AnswerThePublic to find questions your clients frequently search for.

answer the public closing air vents screenshot

Use HVAC SEO keywords to generate leads for your business

So there you have it: 100+ HVAC SEO keywords to include in your content strategy and generate more leads for your business. 

If your website is new, focus on optimizing your site and business listings for local searches using geo-targeting, near me, and emergency keywords. 

Then use the DIY keywords to create educational, actionable content — they are easy to rank for and only need high-quality content to get you near the top of the search results. 

But if you already have a good domain authority, consider building a solid backlink profile to increase your chances of ranking higher and generating leads and clients.

Need an SEO partner to help you rank for these keywords and attract more clients?

FAQs on Spring HVAC advertising

What is a good HVAC SEO keyword?

A good HVAC SEO keyword to rank for is one that is relevant to your business, has a decent search volume and clear intent, and has low to medium competition.
– Some examples of these keywords are:
– HVAC repair services
– Air conditioning installation near me
– Furnace maintenance tip
– Emergency HVAC repair [City Name]

How do I find hot keywords for HVAC SEO?

To find hot keywords for HVAC SEO purposes, use keyword research tools like Google Search Trends, and Glimpse. Enter your seed keywords (HVAC repair, furnace maintenance, etc) into these tools to find related trending keywords.

What are some HVAC SEO keyword examples?

– Service keywords, such as AC repair, air duct cleaning, furnace replacement
– Geo-targeting keywords, such as emergency HVAC repair [City Name]
– Near me keywords, like 24/7 HVAC repair near me, same-day AC service near me
– Emergency keywords, like quick AC repair, 24-hour emergency HVAC service
– Seasonal keywords, like fall furnace maintenance, summer AC repair
– Cost-related keywords, such as AC repair cost, affordable duct cleaning
– DIY keywords, such as Can I snake my own drain, how to winterize pipes
– High-traffic HVAC keywords, like furnace repair, duct cleaning
– Easy to rank for keywords, like emergency heater repair, DIY furnace maintenance

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