How AI Takes Over Your Google Business Profile if You Don’t Update

With over 83% global market share, Google is the most used search engine in the world today. This popularity explains why Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) is fast becoming the go-to online directory for local businesses of all sizes and types — including HVAC contractors. 

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) lists your open hours, contact info, website, and street address. 

And, your GBP shows up when users search for your company specifically or for businesses in your industry and location.

HVAC Google Business profile example

But here’s the catch — if you don’t update your Google Business Profile, AI might take over and do it for you. This could be a good or bad thing.

The Good: How AI Enhances GBP Profile Accuracy

Google uses AI, imagery, and people’s input to predict your business hours for potential customers’ benefit. 

The algorithm analyzes the business hours of nearby service businesses and your website information.

The AI also uses Popular Times information for your shop, and Google Street View images, focusing on traffic patterns and business hour signs in the pictures.

And, if you haven’t updated your profile to match the data Google has, users may see a notice on your profile prompting them to call first — so they aren’t stranded.

For example, Liam’s Lemonade has 5 pm set as their open time on GBP, but popular times information shows that Liam’s Lemonade is busy from 11 am until around 7 pm.

With that information, Google displays a notice advising users to confirm with a call as Liam’s business hours have most likely changed.

Liam lemonade Google Business Profile hours may have changed example

Google also uses data from the Local Guides and even emails the business to verify the predicted business hours.

Google automated email reminding owners to change business hours

That way, you don’t miss out on potential business, and you also keep your visitors’ trust.

The Bad: The Risks of Letting AI Take Control

If you don’t manage your profile and you have specific hours/days where you’re open or closed and your competitors aren’t, you’ll miss out on the extra business that could come from that. 

Say most plumbers in the Detroit area don’t do estimates on Saturdays. But you’re starting to because it’s summer and very busy.

If you don’t update your GBP profile yourself, you will lose a lot of inquiries and lead opportunities.

There’s also the risk of having people add wrong, misleading, or confusing information to your business listing. For example, when people automatically tag your business to a location, it shows up on the listing as coordinates, not an actual address. That can be confusing for customers.

example of wrong information in Google Business Profile

Why Accurate GBP Information Matters for Local Businesses

Accurate GBP information helps prospective customers evaluate your business correctly and determine if it’s a good fit for their needs, from quick maintenance or repair jobs to full-on installations. 

Having your latest business info up on your GBP profile also prevents misconceptions about your HVAC business’ opening hours and offerings.

Google Business Profile details checklist

Tips for Effective GBP Profile Management

Effectively managing your GBP profile is a continuous exercise. Use the following tips to set up and maintain a high-performing Google Business Profile.

1. Fill out all possible business details

According to Google, customers are 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to purchase from your business when you have a complete profile.

Fill out all possible business details including:

  • Business name and category
  • Office address
  • Areas/locations you serve
  • Contact info like company phone number, email, or website.
  • A brief business description
  • The services you offer
  • Open hours 
  • Relevant photos and videos. 

Your business will stand out as authentic with a complete profile.

Quickfix Google Business Profile example

Filling out your contact details, especially, also helps searchers who have already found your business to reach out to you or physically come to your office.

More than just filling in your details, you have to make sure they’re correct, specific, and SEO-optimized. But how do you optimize your profile for search engines? Check out the next tip.

2. Use relevant keywords in the description section

Relevant keywords related to your business will improve your profile’s SEO and ensure it comes up when users search for the products and services you offer. They also help you attract searchers looking for businesses in your location. 

Imagine your business provides AC installation services in Manhattan. Adding phrases that your customers would typically search for to your business profile – like “AC installation in Manhattan” or “HVAC services Manhattan” – will help it start showing up on the appropriate search engine results page.

Google Business Profile relevant keywords in the description

A good primary keyword for local SEO is ‘your main offering + location.’ 

But don’t just stop there. 

Sometimes, there will be combinations or variations of your customers’ search phrases that are more popular than others. It makes sense to optimize for the popular variations.

To dig deeper into your customers’ search vocabulary, you can use Google Trends.

For example, in West Palm Beach, FL, 100% of users use the search term, “air conditioning installation” over “air conditioner installation“.

Google Trends HVAC West Palm FL

While in Ft. Myers, FL, only 49% of users use the search term, “air conditioning installation“ and 51% of users go for the variant “air conditioner installation“.

Google Trends HVAC Naples FL

To add the relevant keywords, go to the ‘Business information’ dashboard, click the ‘Description’ option to edit your business description, and then save.

Make sure to strategically include your keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. 

3. Ensure your website info matches with everything on your GBP profile 

Customers can spot an information mismatch right away and that can make them lose trust in your listing. Hence, the services and prices mentioned on your GBP profile should be the same on your website. This principle also applies to your contact information, special offers, and photos.

One way to avoid information mismatch is to make sure to add new website information to your GBP profile immediately. Also, crosscheck your website information alongside your GBP profile information once you’ve updated your profile to ensure you don’t overlook anything.

Thankfully, your business description and services aren’t set in stone, you can always go back and edit them if you made any mistakes or are experiencing a business change. All you have to do is return to the business information dashboard, update the mismatched information, and save. 

4. Block out time to update your profile monthly or quarterly

You can get carried away with running your business and forget to update your GBP profile. This forgetfulness can lead to inaccuracy of the services, location, or opening hours listed on your profile.

Google schedule calendar example

Ensure you remember to update your GBP profile as needed by blocking out a particular date and time for it periodically. For example, you can use Google Calendar to schedule it as a recurring monthly or quarterly task.

Also, when you have major business events, make sure to include a reminder to update your GBP profile.

Is Your Google Business Profile Optimized? Ensure your local business is found — and working well.

5. Ask existing customers for reviews

Customer reviews are a very important part of GBP profiles: 63.6% of consumers visit businesses after checking the Google reviews for those businesses.

HVAC Alternative Air Reviews in Google

However, many customers may not write reviews until you ask for them. Here are a few tips and best practices for asking your existing customers for reviews:

  • Ask for a review in person immediately after you install, fix, or maintain a customer’s HVAC unit.
  • You can either prompt customers to write a Google review or, as a fallback, leave their feedback as social media posts or comments which you can screenshot and add to your GBP profile photos.
  • Download ‘Review us on Google’ stickers and use them in your physical office or store to remind customers to leave an online review.
  • Share your Google review links on your social media platforms or to your mailing list. 

Remember, good service drives customer satisfaction and improves your chances of getting good reviews. If you deliver good services, you’ll feel confident to encourage customers to give honest and specific feedback. 

6. Explore Google’s generative AI feature for writing business descriptions

As an HVAC business owner or marketer, the only person who might know more about your company is its longest-serving employee. So, you’re most likely in the best position to write and review your Google Business Profile description. Still, there’s no harm in getting some help from man’s most recent “best friend” – AI.

Google now has a generative AI feature that suggests descriptions for your business profile. Simply tap on the “Suggest description” button below the description text box and you’ll get a draft in seconds.

Google generative-AI feature for writing business descriptions

You can use this writing aid to write an entirely new business description or refine your old one. 

However, like with any other AI content generation tool, the output may not be 100% true or on-brand. So, edit the draft for accuracy and brand voice, request a different one, or simply get some ideas from it for your final version.

7. Adopt custom tools for Google Business Profile monitoring

Apart from reputation management, local SEO software like BrightLocal or WhiteSpark can notify you whenever there’s a change to your Google Business Profile. These notifications help you quickly see and track or update any AI changes to your profile, depending on whether it’s helpful or inaccurate.

Google hard at work…sometime for your benefit and sometimes not. You have to watch it closely.

local SEO software

Say Google updates your business hours during the holidays to reflect earlier closing times based on reduced traffic patterns. If you close earlier at that time because more of your technicians took time off, you can leave the update and set a reminder to change it when the holidays are over.

If you’re really looking for some spice on top of any local SEO, check out our Google Business Profile Optimization services for a big BOOST with your local pack rankings.

8. Respond to both positive and negative reviews with grace

No matter the kind of review customers leave you, responding to them makes your customers feel seen and heard. It also shows authenticity and willingness to improve.

stat 16.4% increase conversions by responding to all Google reviews

Also, businesses that respond to customer reviews perform better than those that don’t: as of 2015, SOCi research showed that responding to all Google reviews increased conversions by 16.4%. That should count even more in today’s customer-first world.

Responding to positive reviews is usually not as difficult as responding to negative reviews. But, it’s important to respond with grace — no matter how harsh the customer comes off. 

Here’s a good example of responding to vile reviews with gratitude, empathy, and grace.

Example of HVAC Google Vile reviews

Notice how in the response above, the business started by thanking the customer for sharing their feedback and apologizing for the bad experience they had with the brand. 

The response also mentioned that the customer’s complaint would be forwarded to management, indicating that it is seen as important and worth being addressed to prevent recurrence.

This kind of response works because it shows potential customers that Raleigh Heating and Air isn’t obsessed with appearing perfect, but rather showing genuineness and commitment to good service delivery.

The Future of AI in GBP and Its Implications

graphic future of AI in Google business profile

As far back as 2019, 51% of shoppers looked for and evaluated products and services via Google. Today, search engines like Google are in the top three leading online sources for product searches worldwide.

Want to set up your Google Business Profile for optimal visibility and results? Read on to understand what Google has planned for the use of AI in GBP profiles and the impact these plans will have on HVAC businesses.

The future

  • Google verifies its AI’s business hour predictions with the help of the Google Maps community (Local guides and business owners via their Google Business profiles). 
  • In Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and the United States, Google also uses Duplex Conversational Technology to call businesses and ask for their hours directly. They will likely roll out this strategy globally soon.
  • They’re also experimenting with speed limit updates for specific highways in Google Maps using third-party imagery partners, AI, and input from its operations team members. 


  • Customers worldwide will have more info on the opening hours of HVAC contractors around them, which could either be accurate or not, depending on if business owners claim or regularly update their GBP profiles.
  • People who want to visit your office will have more accurate estimates of the distance from where they are to your location, ensuring they spend their time optimally and providing a more satisfactory experience.
  • The speed limit data will also help you estimate how long you’ll spend heading to and fro from specific routes when making home or office service calls.

Combine your GBP profile with Google ads

Combine Google Business Profile with Google ads

Creating and regularly updating your Google Business Profile is only the first step to improving your company’s local SEO. 

To make your Google My Business page truly effective, run Google ads too. These ads will help you to consistently and predictably show up in the top results when customers search for HVAC contractors in your business location.Don’t have the time to manage your Google Business Profile, reviews, and Google ads all by yourself?  We helped Quick Fix Air Repair grow from zero to 30+ MQLs in just their first month with us. Contact us for a FREE marketing assessment today.

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