10 HVAC Advertising Ideas Proven to Get More Customers

To get the best ROI for your ad budget, you need to promote offers that are relevant, timely, and trustworthy to your target audience.

This article covers ten modern HVAC advertising ideas that fulfill at least one of those needs an effective ad should meet.

We’ll unpack each ad, explaining why it works and how you can implement the idea in your HVAC service business.

1. Offer Seasonal Tune-Ups for Preventive Maintenance

HVAC advertising idea for a Seasonal Coupon
Source: Four Seasons Air Conditioning, Inc.

HVAC systems often fail at the start of summer or winter when the stress on them is highest, so inviting people to service their units and prevent seasonal breakdowns is a smart move.

A seasonal tune-up advertising campaign also allows you to balance your HVAC business workload throughout the year so you can ensure a steady stream of revenue even during off-peak months. 

How to Implement

Conduct surveys or interviews with existing customers to understand their maintenance habits and motivations. You could send them an online form via email, or invite them to physically fill one out right after a maintenance session.

Ask questions like:

  • How often do you schedule maintenance for your HVAC system?
  • What factors influence your decision to schedule HVAC maintenance?
  • Can you describe any challenges you face when it comes to HVAC system maintenance?
  • Have you experienced any issues or breakdowns with your HVAC system in the past due to lack of maintenance?
  • How do you prioritize spending on HVAC maintenance compared to other home maintenance tasks?
  • Have you considered investing in a maintenance plan or subscription service for your HVAC system?
  • Are there any specific incentives or rewards that would encourage you to schedule regular HVAC maintenance?

Analyze the data for patterns such as regular service scheduling or prompt response to minor issues.

Examine online behavior, like following HVAC companies or reading home improvement content. Also, look out for where they go to learn more about their systems as this can inform the channels you select for more effective advertising campaigns.

Next, create a tiered ad campaign, where you offer “early bird” discounts on HVAC tune-ups in the quieter months leading up to peak maintenance request seasons. 

HVAC advertising idea for tiered pricing for seasonal discounts.

The concept here is to progressively reduce the discount as the peak season approaches, creating a sense of urgency and stimulating demand during the otherwise slower months. 

For example, for Heating and Furnaces, you might offer a hefty discount for tune-ups in early spring and through the summer, with smaller discounts offered just before it gets cold and winter arrives.

Conversely, for Air Conditioning Installations & Repairs, you might reverse your offers and start the hefty discounts in January and slowly taper them off until just before the start of summer as the summer heat sets in.

Don’t forget that regular tune-ups put you in frequent contact with your customers, and that’s an opportunity to stay top of mind with them as their trusted go-to resource.

2. Advertise a Discounted Maintenance Membership 

Maintenance Membership Offer for HVAC advertising ideas
Source: RS Mechanical Services

This HVAC marketing idea provides customers an opportunity to experience the benefits of an optimally running appliance instead of the significant upfront cost of buying a new HVAC. 

Customers benefit from the peace of mind of knowing their HVAC systems are being taken care of by professionals. It also reduces the risk of potential costly repairs, or replacements in the future.

“…maintenance is a good way to get into a lot of places…that’s worked for us too. We would advertise our maintenance and pms- show [customers] how dirty their equipment is and how it would benefit them and let that speak for itself,”

Adrian Garcia, Owner of ReliableHVCR.

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

This type of campaign attracts homeowners who value the peace of mind that comes with regular, professional HVAC maintenance. 

They understand the benefits of preventative maintenance and are looking for an affordable way to ensure their systems remain in optimal condition. 

To identify your target customer, focus on those demonstrating proactive behaviors such as scheduling routine services, responding promptly to minor issues, and consuming HVAC-related content online. 

These customers often live in specific neighborhoods, belong to certain age groups, and follow HVAC maintenance conversations on social media and home improvement blogs. Their habits underscore the understanding that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to HVAC maintenance.

How to Implement 

To create a successful advertising campaign for discounted HVAC maintenance memberships, start by defining your target audience, primarily homeowners and business owners. Next, establish your unique selling proposition, emphasizing affordability and priority service.

Then you’ll want to craft compelling messages around cost and energy savings, and choose your advertising channels carefully – considering a mix of channels where you know your customers are hanging out: Google, home service listing sites (think Angi, NextDoor, Yelp, etc), and even community social media groups for your local area.

Develop visually engaging assets with clear calls-to-action. In other words, make it clear to the customer what you’d like them to do. An example call to action might be, “Call now for more information” or “Subscribe now.” 

Finally, launch your campaign and monitor its performance, adjusting as needed. For example, if you initially launch your campaign in three places, and find you’re getting a significantly stronger response in one versus another, consider shifting your budget and energy toward the channel that’s working best. 

This goes the other way for underperforming channels as well. A successful campaign is not a one-shot deal; it’s about consistent testing, monitoring, and refining until you’ve pinpointed what works best for your business, area, and target customer.

3. Offer Repair Discounts During Peak Seasons

Repair Discount Peak Example for HVAC advertising idea
Source: Cool Change Heating & Air

Offer minor discounts on repair services during peak HVAC usage seasons, a time when most of your competitors won’t be offering discounted rates (since it’s your peak season). 

Given that HVAC system failures are more frequent during extreme weather, and most of your competitors won’t be offering a discount, even a slight savings will be welcome to a potential customer.

The premise of this campaign could involve a fixed-amount discount, like $25-$50, off any repair service or replacement part such as a compressor, fan motor, capacitor or condenser coil. 

Though the discount amount isn’t substantial, the perceived value and competitive edge it gives can often be enough to sway potential customers to choose your service over others. 

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

To identify the right customers for an HVAC repair discount campaign, consider these factors: location within your service area; homeowners or commercial property owners as demographics; behavioral data from past customer interactions; and timing your campaign with peak HVAC usage seasons. 

Also, target customers who currently use a competitor’s service. Focus on those who are currently using or are likely to need HVAC services, especially during extreme weather conditions, as they would be more likely to benefit from your discount offer.

How to Implement

To launch a peak season repair discount campaign for an HVAC business, first identify the peak HVAC usage seasons and set a fixed amount discount for repairs or replacement parts. 

Next, determine your target audience as explained above, focusing on homeowners and commercial property owners within your service area, particularly those needing HVAC services during extreme weather. 

Craft an enticing message about the benefits of the discount during peak seasons, when HVAC failures are more common. You might even mention how expensive service can be when you need it most, as this is likely something they’re feeling.

Decide on advertising channels that best reach your audience, you may elect to opt for traditional direct mail, but don’t limit yourself. Get creative and also blend in email (perhaps a monthly newsletter packaged as a resource to local homeowners/business owners), social media, and perhaps a paid ad via Google. 

Launch your campaign at the start of the peak season and adjust based on performance. Also, consider strategies to reach customers of competitors, which could involve competitive keyword bidding or direct outreach. Research competitor pricing so you know where you line up against them.

This goes without saying but ensure you remember to provide 5-star customer service! Fair pricing coupled with excellent service will yield loyal customers who would choose you for their future HVAC needs even without a discount. 

4. Offer Gift Cards to Incentivize Referrals  

Gift Card Offer Example as a HVAC advertising idea

This campaign involves offering a gift card, either physical or digital, for customers and referrals. 

Gift card rewards offer tangible, immediate value to customers, which makes them very appealing. They not only make the service more attractive by providing an additional benefit but also create a sense of appreciation and reciprocation, increasing the likelihood of customer loyalty and referrals.

“What we do is give one to every customer. It’s a gift card that they can use on any service, repair, or installation- and [the customer] can actually get paid for referring us to their friends, family, or co-workers.”

Kelley McKay with HVAC Millionaire

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

To target the right customers for an HVAC referral program offering gift cards, focus primarily on current, satisfied customers. 

Specifically, target those who are loyal and have used your services repeatedly, those who have recently availed your services, and those who engage with your business, such as social media followers or newsletter readers. 

Also consider customers who have provided positive feedback or have larger networks, like business owners in vertical industries like electricians or remodelers, or community leaders. 

Communication is crucial; clearly communicate the referral program’s benefits, regularly remind customers about it, and make the referral process easy and straightforward. The goal is to incentivize customers who appreciate your services and have the capacity to spread the word effectively.

How to Implement

To kick off this advertising strategy, start by defining your program’s specifics, including the gift card’s value and the referral process. Also draft a clear and compelling message that highlights the benefits of the program and simplifies the referral process. 

Reach out to your existing customers, the primary targets for this campaign, through direct communication channels like email newsletters, SMS, direct mail, website banners, and social media. 

Create visually appealing advertising materials that clearly convey your message for each platform. Study (but don’t copy) what your competitors are doing to get a sense of how you can be different and/or better.

After launching the campaign, track its results, including referral and gift card redemption rates, and optimize based on these insights. 

Ensure that you thank and follow-up with customers who made referrals, emphasizing the continued value of their participation. Through this strategy, you can effectively transform customer satisfaction into new business opportunities.

Don’t forget, retaining your existing customers is just as important as obtaining new customers!

5. Advertise Free HVAC Diagnostic 

HVAC advertising idea for Free Diagnostic
Source: Garris Air

An advertising campaign centered on a diagnostic fee waiver aims to attract customers by offering to waive the diagnostic fee if same-day repairs are conducted. 

The key feature of this campaign is transparency – making it clear to customers that the waived fee is not surreptitiously added to the cost of the repairs. Attempting to recoup your discount through the repair feeds is unethical.

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

For a free HVAC diagnostic campaign, an HVAC business should target customers within their service area, focusing on residential and commercial property owners who make decisions on HVAC services. 

Consider seasonality and target those more likely to need HVAC services due to weather changes. Customers with older or unserviced HVAC systems, identified from service call history or building age data, are potential targets. 

Past customers or leads who didn’t end up using your services previously could also be receptive to a free diagnostic offer. 

Finally, consider targeting customers using a competitor’s service who might switch for a better offer. By incorporating these factors, businesses can tailor their targeting strategy effectively for their free HVAC diagnostic campaign.

How to Implement

To execute an HVAC ad campaign that waives diagnostic fees, start by setting clear guidelines. Your offer must be transparent. As mentioned previously, assuring customers that the waived fee isn’t hidden in repair charges. 

Create an easily understood message that outlines the offer’s benefits. Identify your audience: homeowners and commercial property owners within your service area, especially those with older, unserviced HVAC systems, past leads, and customers of competitors. 

Choose suitable channels like email, social media, your website, or targeted online advertising to reach your audience. As always: pay close attention to performance and adjust your strategy as you go to increase your chances of success. 

Engage with customers who took up the offer to encourage repeat business and referrals (see#4). 

6. Advertise Trade-Ins and Replacement Discounts 

HVAC advertising idea example For Replacement Discounts
Source: Gillette Heating And Air

A trade-in allowance and replacement discount campaign aims to encourage homeowners to replace their old HVAC systems by offering substantial trade-in allowances. The campaign can highlight potential savings, for example, up to $2,500 off, making the prospect of an upgrade more appealing.

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

For a trade-in and replacement discount campaign, an HVAC business should target homeowners with older HVAC systems, as they are more likely to need frequent repairs and can benefit from improved energy efficiency with a new system. 

Information about HVAC system age can be gathered from service histories or property records. Customers who have had regular repair needs could also be interested in an upgrade. 

Energy-conscious homeowners are also likely to be more inclined towards an efficient new system. 

Also, the campaign should target financially ready customers who can afford a significant investment despite the discount. This can be determined from property values or third-party income data. 

All targeting efforts must be confined to the company’s service area. 

How to Implement

To implement a trade-in and replacement discount campaign, an HVAC business should first set clear campaign terms, emphasizing the benefits of upgrading to a new HVAC system. 

The target audience should be identified using service histories, property records, and financial data as discussed above. A compelling advertising message should be crafted to highlight potential savings and the offer’s advantages. 

You should choose effective advertising channels like direct mail, email, social media, or local radio to reach the target audience. Lastly, and yes we may sound like a broken record here, but monitoring your performance and adjusting your strategy for what’s working and what’s not is critical. 

Customer service should be well-equipped to handle queries and provide follow-ups after a successful trade-in, nurturing customer relationships for future referrals. 

7. Promote Your Best Customer Reviews

HVAC advertising ideas To promote your best reviews
Source: American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

Consistent customer reviews are essential to your online growth and increasing your visibility online. Nearly 74% of consumers made their HVAC purchase after consulting at least one online review site.

Online review advertising is a strategy that revolves around using platforms such as Google and Facebook to showcase positive customer reviews and testimonials about your HVAC services. 

These platforms have broad reach, ensuring that your satisfied customers’ voices are heard by a wide audience. This type of campaign gives potential customers an authentic look at the quality of your services, as told by those who have experienced it firsthand.

“What I’ve been telling [HVAC business owners for years is that it’s about your greatness. It’s about the ability for [customers] to perceive how great you are. This is why they ought to do business with you,”

Pete Ramsey of HVAC Greatness

Target Customers For This Campaign

In a campaign promoting customer reviews, an HVAC business owner should focus on a wide audience. While targeted advertising is beneficial, campaigns showcasing customer reviews often have broad appeal and can be effectively shared with a wider audience.

Specific target groups can include prospective customers identified via market research, website visitors, social media followers, or email subscribers who haven’t yet converted. 

Previous enquirers who showed interest but didn’t make a purchase can be swayed by positive reviews. Customers of competitors can also be targeted, as they might consider switching upon seeing your glowing testimonials. 

Additionally, non-urgent customers may be prompted to consider preventative maintenance or upgrades after reading positive experiences from other customers.

How to Implement

To launch a campaign like this for your business, first gather your best testimonials from various sources and seek permission to use them unless you’ve already done so, or they were voluntarily made public. 

Digital marketing materials featuring these reviews should be professionally designed, including images, videos, or text posts. The campaign should be launched on channels such as the website, social media, email newsletters, and paid advertising platforms. 

Again, due to the universal appeal of reviews, you will really want to cast a wide net for this type of campaign. 

Once launched, monitor your campaign’s performance, but also include to add to or update your featured reviews. This helps keep your content from going stale over time and shows targeted customers that you are getting new reviews all the time.

Consistently gathering new reviews and updating the campaign with them keeps the content fresh and appealing, helping to boost credibility and attract new customers.

8. Share Offers for Affordable Financing

HVAC advertising idea for Affordable Financing Offer Example
Source: Jack Lehr Heating Cooling & Electric

Advertising an affordable financing plan focuses on making new HVAC systems more accessible to customers. By highlighting manageable payments, such as “as low as $89 per month payment plan,” the campaign helps make the prospect of purchasing a new HVAC system less daunting.

There are many third-party financing vendors that work with small businesses to offer payment plans. It is recommended to select a vendor that will pay you in full while managing repayment with the customer. 

Begin by running a Google search of your own to find reputable vendors in your area. We recommend selecting one with previous history working with HVAC business owners.

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

For an affordable financing campaign, you should primarily target financially constrained customers who need a new system but are deterred by the high upfront cost. This group can include homeowners with older, inefficient HVAC systems prone to frequent repairs. 

High energy consumers can also be a focus, as the prospect of energy-saving benefits of new systems can be attractive. New homeowners, often daunted by home maintenance costs, might also be responsive to such financing plans. 

Additionally, customers with mid to low credit scores who may struggle to secure traditional loans can be considered. 

The campaign should focus on those within the company’s service area, and it’s critical to communicate the terms of the financing plan clearly to prevent any misunderstandings.

How to Implement

To implement an affordable financing campaign, an HVAC business owner needs to partner with a reputable financing vendor experienced in the HVAC industry. Understanding the plan thoroughly allows for clear communication to customers. 

Next, develop eye-catching graphics emphasizing the affordability and benefits of your financing plan, and select advertising channels aligned with your target customers. 

Launch, and as always, monitor the performance, adjusting as needed based on the performance you’re seeing. 

Again, also be sure to be transparent about financing details, making the purchasing process less daunting for customers. 

9. Optimize Your Business to Appear When People Search 

HVAC advertising ideas For SEO keywords

Local SEO for HVAC companies (e.g Search Engine Optimization) focuses on improving long-term visibility for your HVAC home service business on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs).

For instance, people who Google, “new Rheem air conditioner installation near me” might see an article on your site about Rheem pricing or Rheem Air Conditioner Reviews or Rheem AC Repair in Concord North Carolina and click through to your website.

Former HVAC sales representative and co-host of the podcast HVAC Success Stories: Revealed states, ”The first thing you gotta do when looking at SEO is at least matching what your competitors are doing. And then the second step is looking at the gaps between what they’re doing and what they could be doing or should be doing.”

A local SEO campaign targets specific keywords relevant to your HVAC services. Such a campaign will help boost your search engine ranking in your service area, making it easier for local customers to find your business when they need HVAC services.

For local SEO to work effectively, a robust online presence is crucial. This means having a professional-looking and user-friendly website that accurately represents your brand, your services, and clearly shows your service areas. This helps provide visitors all the information about your HVAC services.

Additionally, maintaining an active Google Business Profile, and relevant social media platforms. Online business directories can also contribute to your online visibility.

Collectively, these platforms not only serve as additional touchpoints for customers to find and interact with your business but also provide avenues to direct traffic back to your website. 

The more customer questions you can field from your team and your customers, the better. Take those questions and publish thorough and thoughtful articles answering them. Google will in turn reward you with high placement.

Overall, the more thoughtful your online presence is, the higher the likelihood of attracting and converting web traffic into loyal customers.

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

This campaign targets potential customers in your local service area. These customers might be homeowners or property managers who use search engines to find HVAC services near them.

For example, your campaign will probably include both service-area keywords that center on a neighborhood, city, county, and/or state, as well as service-based keywords that are defined by the services you offer. 

Local SEO helps your business show up prominently in these searches, improving your chances of being selected.

How to Implement

To implement a local SEO for an HVAC business, start with Googling the service you provide in your service areas. The suggestions provided by Google are a GREAT starting point.

From there you can expand into more extensive keyword research using tools like Semrush, Soovle, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest. Be sure to include local identifiers along with HVAC-specific terms. 

Study your competitors’ keywords to expand on a well-informed strategy. 

For deeper insights, Google Search Console is a great source of what keywords visitors are searching for where your HVAC company might be shown in the SERPs, but way outside the top 3. 

We recommend having your keywords regularly monitored to maximize performance and update where needed. This is very crucial with all search engine optimization.

10. Bid on Local HVAC Search Keywords 

HVAC advertising ideas for PPC Ad Campaigns

Paid advertising for hvac companies (e.g Google ads) focuses on improving your short-term business’s visibility on Google and Google Maps. 

This provides people who Google home service solutions, such as, “air conditioning repair near me” or “furnace replacement near me“ an opportunity to click on your ad and vet your business and potentially bid on their project.

Paid ad campaigns geo-locate searchers with very specific geo-targeted keywords relevant to HVAC search queries.

Such a campaign helps temporarily boost your visibility on search engine result pages, making it easier for local customers to find your business when they need HVAC services in their service area.

To maximize the effectiveness of paid advertising on Google, this means you still need to have a great, user-friendly website that accurately represents your brand and provides  accurate information about your service areas and your HVAC services. 

Who to Target With This HVAC Advertising Idea

This campaign is geared for customers in your target service areas looking for the HVAC service you and your team can provide.

Target customers might include both homeowners and property managers who need HVAC services in their service area. 

Your campaign will should include:

  • Keyword used in the query
  • Benefit that applies to the query
  • Call to Action

For example:

  • No Trip Charges for AC Repair in Cincinnati
  • AC Repair Service – Same Day – Greater Chapel Hill

Paid advertising helps your business show up prominently in a hurry. This strategy is great if your organic search isn’t performing well or while you’re working on improving your local seo.

How to Implement

To implement a paid search campaign, use keyword bidding for HVAC services and solutions. 

Start with keyword research using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, including local identifiers along with HVAC-specific terms.

Study your competitors’ ads and keywords for a well-informed strategy. 

Launch a Google Ads campaign targeting your specific service areas with these keywords.

Decide on a bid strategy, like maximizing clicks or target cost-per-acquisition, depending on your goals.

Craft compelling ads with a clear call-to-action for the reader, linking to a landing page with a high quality score, good ad relevance, and an above average landing page experience.

For paid ads, we recommended tightly monitoring performance and negative keywords. The latter is extremely crucial than when bidding on keywords as a lack of supervision can result in wasted advertising dollars. 

So be sure to carefully scrutinize the ad conversions against new customers you’re acquiring (and from which of your advertising channels) so you can understand if your keyword bids are producing optimal results, or if you may need to bid on different keywords.

Best Practices For Impactful HVAC Advertising

Selecting the right mix of campaigns based on your business strategy and customer base is crucial. 

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in HVAC marketing and HVAC advertising. 

What works for one business may not work for another. 

Therefore, understanding your unique business needs and customer expectations is key. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start by repurposing existing advertising content (if you have any) to use on your social media channels and in your email newsletters. This can help limit the overwhelm when initially getting started.

Choosing the perfect blend of campaigns should be based on understanding your business and clientele.Consider surveying your customers or using market research tools to gather insights about their preferences. 

This can guide your selection of the most effective advertising platforms and strategies for your business.

Stay ahead in HVAC marketing and HVAC advertising by embracing continued education and learning.

Research what your competitors are doing, attend trade shows with training, consider dedicating a portion of your budget for testing new platforms or strategies.

Remember to test and iterate based on your learnings and measure your results.

Assess your advertising efforts routinely. If you’re not seeing the desired outcomes, it’s time to reassess and explore new avenues. 

Set specific metrics for success and if you’re falling short, don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal is business growth, which may sometimes require a leap of faith into new, uncharted advertising territories.

FAQs about HVAC Advertising Ideas

How do I get commercial HVAC leads?

Acquiring commercial HVAC leads involves a combination of targeted HVAC marketing strategies and building strong relationships within your community. Here are a few strategies:
Online Advertising: Running targeted ads on platforms like Google and Facebook can help you reach a larger audience.
SEO: Optimizing your website for search engines helps increase visibility to potential clients searching for HVAC services in your area.
Networking: Attend local business events and join industry organizations to meet potential clients.
Referral Program: Implementing a referral program motivates current customers to recommend your services to others.
Cold Calling: Directly contacting local businesses and offering your services can generate leads.

What is the average profit for HVAC businesses?

The average profit margin for HVAC businesses varies widely because of factors like location, size, overhead costs, and specific services offered.
While some may see lower profit margins, others can affect significantly higher profit when they have effectively managed their operating costs and have implemented strategic pricing, marketing, and customer retention strategies to bolster and track their efforts.
It’s important to remember that individual results will vary, and newer businesses may take time to reach these figures.

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