10 HVAC Facebook Ads that Drive Engagement and Generate Leads

Facebook ads can reach 72.5% of Facebook’s total audience — around 2.1 billion social media users per day. 

In contrast, leading department stores only enjoy a few thousand daily visitors

This means that HVAC Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand, broadcast services, get your message across, and get more HVAC leads.

But what makes a Facebook ad stand out?

We analyzed over 5,000 Facebook ads and found the best ones have the following attributes:

  • Engaging imagery
  • Catchy taglines
  • Specific messaging
  • Single service

Each HVAC’s ad includes specific services, including either maintenance visits or new installation sales.

In this list, we break down what the best heating and cooling advertisements on Facebook do to stand out.

1. Grab Consumers’ Attention with Fun Imagery

Source: Blind & Sons, Facebook Page

Based in Barberton, Ohio, Blind & Sons has its own mascot. The brand uses animated content featuring this mascot and other fun, whimsical characters to appear light-natured and less promotional.

Why it works

No static graphics

Consumers have negative associations with advertising and making it fun, entertaining or educational increases its effectiveness.

Nothing screaming ‘sale’

Using strong, suggestive language such as “SALE”, “CLOSEOUT”, “CLEARANCE” and “DEAL” prompts consumers to put their guard up or keep scrolling. 

Animated videos

Video is proven to help adverts retain attention better. Research shows readers shrinking attention spans. Today they have fewer than 50 seconds compared to 75 seconds 20 years ago.

How you can apply these concepts:

  • Consider using video content
  • Alternatively disarming, animated content

2. Connect with Consumers by Appealing to Their Sense of Family Responsibility

Tampa Bay AC FB Ad Example
Source: Tampa Bay AC Inc, Facebook Page

Tampa Bay AC pulls at its audience’s heartstrings with an image of a small child holding a kitten. Both of them appear comfortable, presumably thanks to their top-notch AC system. 

Parents and animal owners will think of their families when they see this ad. 

They may even like the page, schedule maintenance, or take some other action to interact with Tampa Bay AC — all in the interest of doing the best thing for their family.

Why it works

Includes common household pets

Cats and dogs in particular prove to form tighter connections with the audience. 

According to an article published by the AMA, research shows that featuring dogs can increase conversions on investment-driven promotions since consumers associate dogs with trust — and are willing to take risks, therefore. Cats, on the other hand, increase the appeal of ads that show prevention-focused products or services, such as duct cleaning or HVAC maintenance.

Low commitment CTA

More aggressive CTAs, for example, book a call, are high commitment. 

This ad simply encourages readers to Like Page.

A much easier ‘ask’ and ultimately leads to higher CTR for Facebook.

How you can apply these concepts

  • Appeal to families showcasing pets and children
  • Feature dogs in ads promoting new purchases
  • Feature cats in ads highlighting a preventive service

🔥 Hot Tip 🔥

Facebook ads are not just for selling services.

You can run HVAC Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site and let readers know about your latest blog.

This approach takes the long-term play of nurturing leads with content.

3. Incentivize Purchases with Discounts

Service Today Air Fb Ad Example
Source: Service Today, Facebook Page

Using limited-time offers, Service Today, Air Conditioning & Electrical motivates potential customers to take action fast. 

This tactic is particularly effective when targeting millennial shoppers, as they’re more willing to wait for price drops to make a purchase. 

Since it’s right before summer, this Facebook ad also mentions that “warmer days are coming” to make the content more relevant. 

Why it works

Showcases a great deal

Shoppers are notorious for seeking deals and will wait for a lower price

The discount phrase, “$500 off” will resonate with most consumers, especially if they are already in the market for a new HVAC system. 

Seasonally relevant

This ad ran just before summer (started at the end of March). 

The mention of warmer days provides a great trigger to remind readers the benefits of Air Conditioning and encourages homeowners to prepare. 

Seasonal ads can also be part of offers that are part of seasonal tune-up tiers.

How you can apply these concepts

If you run sales or discounted tune-up specials just before your summer or winter rush, set up Facebook ads that focus on the discounts. 

And again, remember to be strategic and don’t be afraid to tier your discounts as you get closer to peak season. 

Time & urgency do wonders to increase conversions.

4. Remind Audiences About the Importance of Regular Maintenance 

Source: Harris, Facebook Page

Harris Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical used this Facebook ad to remind customers about the importance of regular maintenance.

The ad encourages viewers to book an AC tune-up and showcases its competitive pricing, specifically highlighting a service that is commonly booked ahead of the sweltering summer months.

Why it works

Emphasizes cost savings

The ad demonstrates how Harris can help consumers save money without neglecting their HVAC maintenance needs.

This is a major concern for most customers amid economic uncertainty when 92% of Americans are planning to pull back spending.


Harris’ use of technician and customer creates a real human connection for viewers. 

It quickly shows how Harris is clean, friendly and cares.

How you can apply these concepts

As consumers cut back on spending, routine services like HVAC maintenance can often end up on the chopping block. 

Remind your audience of the importance of regular maintenance and offering a deal at the same time. 

Advertisers can encourage customers to keep your services a priority as their budget evolves.

5. Captivates Audiences with Authoritative Video Content 

Open Hour Heating Facebook Ad Example
Source: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Facebook Page

Based in Johnson County, Kansas, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning uses authority-driven video content to showcase its team in action.

One of the company’s technicians filmed a video to show how they serviced an HVAC system. This sort of real-world content differentiates the brand from many of its competitors and can draw the attention of potential customers.

Why it works 

Unscripted, short, and authentic

Unscripted videos can generate up to 300% more engagement than scripted content. 

Source: Garin Hess, Founder and CEO at Consensus

Customer problems revealed

Being empathic to customers by sharing questions and problems from other customers is a win-win. 

This allows viewers to clearly see a problem with their AC and clearly see how maintenance and correcting the problem improves their home.

Moneycontrol.com wrote that Mark Zuckerberg said, “Facebook Reels hit 140 billion daily plays in early 2023.”

How you can apply these concepts

Educate your audience with real, authentic content to build trust, empathy, and establish your HVAC business as an authority in the space.

You could film videos to show installations, repairs, and little tips for DIY tasks like oiling motors or clearing debris. 

6. Takes a Stand on Important Issues 

Standard Heating Air-Conditioning Facebook Ad
Source: Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, Facebook Page

Located in the heart of Nebraska, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. takes a unique approach to its HVAC Facebook ads. While many home services companies avoid addressing important social issues, Standard tackles them head-on. In this example, it emphasizes the importance of supporting the community.

Why it works

Socially conscious brands

Some marketers believe they should avoid addressing societal issues, however, data suggests that most consumers prefer socially conscious brands.

According to Deloitte, two-thirds of consumers want brands to be active in political and social issues. 

Standard appeals to its audience’s sense of social responsibility while linking back to its brand.


Standard uses one of the owners and a rep at the Foodbank to show the real human connection and validation of the program at work.for viewers. 

This illustrates Standard philanthropic and honorable.

The Numbers

This advertisement cost Standard less than $100.

Impressions: 1,000 – 2,000

Where it was shown: 71% Nebraska

Data Behind Ad Graph

How you can apply these concepts

Use a tool like Google Trends to keep track of local trends.

  1. Select your metropolitan service area, our example is “Cincinnati”
  2. Set the time range the “30 days”
  3. Page through the “Search queries”

If an issue appears and is important to you or your customer base, consider speaking out about it and voicing your company’s position.

To mitigate risks, start with a non-controversial topic, such as participating in a fundraiser or supporting a local food bank.

However, ensure you take a nuanced approach to avoid alienating members of your customer base.

7. Put Audiences at Ease with Humor

Buehler AirConditioning Facebook Ad
Source: Buehler, Facebook Page

While staying cool is serious business, Buehler Air Conditioning mixes in some light humor and wordplay to entertain its audience with this ad. 

In just a few short sentences, the ad weaves in some puns and “chill” language, such as conjuring the thought of an air conditioner taking a summer vacation. 

Why it works

Light humor 

Light humor gives the audience a laugh and makes ads more memorable.

According to Marketing Dive, nine out of ten consumers prefer brands to be humorous. Among millennial consumers, this figure reaches 94%. 

Interesting imagery

Not only is the ad funny, it features a caricature of Ferris Buehler. This shows the brand is light-hearted, interesting, yet the ad still has a concise, clear message. 

Ferris Bueller's Photo

How you can apply these concepts

Don’t be afraid to integrate humor into your HVAC Facebook ads, especially if it fits your brand image.

If you can make your audience chuckle and generate some leads in the process, it’s a win-win.

When adding humor to your content, ensure it somehow ties back into your industry and the topic at hand. 

For instance, the above ad uses clever wordplay with seasonal terms like “sweat” and “summer vacation.”

8. Build Trust by Showcasing Employees in Action

Este Services Facebook Ad
Source: Estes, Facebook Page

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Estes Services is a massive HVAC company serving thousands of customers. However, instead of focusing on the company itself, the marketing team shows the brand’s team members hard at work. This strategy can make big brands like Estes feel more approachable and affordable. 

Why it works 

Building trust

Highlighting technicians who make the repairs or install new systems, Estes does a great job of building trust with its target audience. 

While you might think that consumers just want to hear about services, products, and prices, roughly 39% of customers want to see features on company employees.


Estes uses its technicians to connect with customers and show an example of who might service your home.

The tech is in uniform, showered and clean. The tech also has a clean workspace showing they’ll treat your home with respect and care.

How you can apply these concepts

Consider including your team members in your Facebook marketing content to build trust and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the brand. 

There are several ways to go about this. For example, you can create employee spotlights that focus purely on an individual, their responsibilities, and how they add value to the company. 

Alternatively, you can incorporate your staff into ads that showcase your services.

9. Instill Confidence by Hinting at Industry Expertise

Monocrief Heating Air Conditioning Facebook Ad
Source: Moncrief Heating & Air, Facebook Page

Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning is an Atlanta-based HVAC services provider that almost always references its expertise when composing ad content. 

For example, this ad uses phrases like “best-in-class maintenance” to differentiate the company from its competitors. In the video, the brand proudly states that they’ve served Atlanta for over 125 years.

Why it works

Value & experience

Customers care about more than just pricing; they also want a great service experience. 

In fact, 70% of Americans have spent more money doing business with a brand known for offering exceptional service. 

Industry expertise

Positioning themselves as trusted industry experts, Moncrief encourages its audience to choose them over potentially cheaper competitors.

How you can apply these concepts

Always speak to your industry expertise, the quality of your customer service experience, and any other competitive differentiators in your ads. 

You can do this in many ways, such as including certifications on your company logo or sharing customer reviews. 

10. Use Multiple HVAC Advertising Techniques to Appeal to a Wider Audience 

Access Heating AirConditioning Facebook Ad
Source: Access Heating & Air Conditioning, Facebook Page

The Meridian, Idaho, HVAC company Access Heating & Air Conditioning has one of the best examples of a winning Facebook ad.

This short video clip is less than 30 seconds long, but it is packed.

In the video, Access showcases its technicians, rattles off a few of its top services and offers viewers a great deal on a new system. 

Why it works

Everything but the kitchen sink

This ad shows a behind-the-scenes look into what Access does and has a little bit of everything; it demonstrates: 

  • Provider’s expertise
  • Builds trust
  • Offers a deal
  • Authenticity

Video Length

Access keeps its content under 30 seconds to maximize its views.

The key to video ad success is its length: 58% of viewers will watch an entire video if it is under one minute long.

How you can apply these concepts

There are two takeaways here. First, combine multiple elements: trust, expertise, and offer… to maximize the impact and reach of your HVAC Facebook ads. 

Second, keep your content tight and clear to get your message across before the user scrolls on. 

Which Facebook Ad Approach Will Appeal to Your Audience?

Our list of HVAC advertising ideas shows plenty of different approaches you can take when you create advertising content — simple, professional-looking, or fun and entertaining. 

While both tactics are effective, every brand is unique and so are their customers.

Choose an approach that aligns with your target audience and your company’s brand image. 

To determine what type of content will resonate with your audience, look at your past and current customers.

For example, data including their age, marital status, income, services they use, and any other insights. 

These data points will help you paint a more complete picture of who you are trying to reach. 

Rely on the examples above as inspiration, but use your own data to craft your unique ads.

FAQs about HVAC Facebook Ads

What Is an HVAC Facebook Ad? 

An HVAC Facebook ad is a paid digital marketing ad displayed on Facebook in order to promote heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. When setting up your advertisements, you can choose a target audience, select when your ad will be displayed, and customize other aspects of your ad campaign to maximize its reach just like with a Google ad. 

Are Facebook Ads Expensive?

The price for Facebook ads can vary depending on factors like how competitive your market is. However, you can expect to pay less than $1 per click in most cases.

How Do I Set Up Facebook Ads?

To set up Facebook ads, you need to create a Facebook Business account, go to Facebook Ads Manager, choose your goal, set a budget, customize your audience, and choose where your ads will be displayed. Next, create your ad copy and creatives, upload it to Facebook, and launch your campaign. That’s it.

Do Facebook Ads Provide a Good Return on Investment?

Facebook ads can certainly provide an excellent return on investment. However, it is key that you create a great ad, target the right audience, and properly construct your campaign. 

How Long Will It Take to Get Leads from Facebook Ads?

HVAC Facebook ads can start generating leads almost immediately. Once your campaign goes live, you will start getting views and (with the right strategy) clicks, which can turn site visitors into paying customers.

Do Facebook Ads Need Photos or Video?

While you can run Facebook ads without photos or videos, using powerful imagery is the best way to get your advertising content noticed. Each of our HVAC Facebook ad examples featured photos, videos, or illustrations; visually appealing advertisements tend to outperform text-only content. 

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