6 Spring HVAC Ads Ideas to Capitalize on the Transitional Season

Warm weather, blooming flowers, and longer days — some of the best parts of springtime, that lovely season between winter and summer.

Spring is not all rosy though for HVAC unit owners who spend most of the winter cozying up to heating systems while neglecting their air conditioning. 

But for HVAC businesses like yours, this transitional season opens up a world of opportunities — as people look to turn back to their cooling systems. 

From replacing air filters to providing seasonal maintenance services, and upgrading thermostats, you’ll be up to your neck in business if you play your marketing cards right. 

Need some inspiration for your HVAC advertising this spring? Here are five innovative spring HVAC ads and ideas to fuel your creativity.

1. First Call Heating and Air Conditioning: Witty Promotional Video

First Call Heating and Air Conditioning used a witty animated video to advertise its special spring offer.

First Call Heating and Air Conditioning

Why it works

First Call Heating and Air Conditioning incorporates catchy computer-generated images like a little girl licking a popsicle and a cute dog.

The metaphorical copy “don’t get stuck in the heat, get this price before it melts away” indirectly compares First Call’s spring offer to a popsicle — as shown in the ad — on-brand for the warm season.

Also, in the words of Megan Malone of Vici Media, “the best online ads use the K.I.S.S. technique.” KISS is an acronym for “keep it short and simple”, and like this ad shows, it applies perfectly to marketing. In only 15 seconds, the ad follows the KISS principle, passing across its message in a quick and fun manner.


  • Experiment with animated promotional videos.
  • Keep your video ads short and witty.
  • Use emotionally appealing visuals.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with copy till you find the perfect tagline/catchphrase for your HVAC service.

2. Brandon’s Comfort Specialists: BTS Instagram Reel

An interesting application of before and after marketing, Brandon’s Comfort Specialists posted a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video of a post-winter AC unit tune-up service they did.

Brandon’s Comfort Specialists

Why it works

It’s common to post before and after photos in the home services industry. However, Brandon’s Comfort Specialists went a step further to build trust and credibility by making their version a process video. 

The ad also adopts an element of personalization and emphasizes a pain point faced by many HVAC system owners (dirty ACs) by posing the question “does your a/c look like this?”

Featuring the company’s contact details and concise copy like “keep your cool this spring & summer with a proper AC tune-up”, the post caption doesn’t disappoint either.


  • BTS content is worth trying out because it gives potential customers an idea of what to expect if they book your HVAC services.
  • Personalize your ads with copy like “you” and “your” that speaks directly to the reader.
  • Ensure your captions and CTAs are actionable by including your contact details clearly.

3. Dipple Plumbing: Spring Maintenance Campaign

Instead of creating a regular ad for its spring maintenance program, Dipple Plumbing pandered to readers’ emotions with a campaign that played on people’s love for pets.

Dipple Plumbing

Why it works

Statista reports that 54% of US consumers are more loyal to businesses that speak or have public stances on societal issues. So, by featuring images of cute dogs and cats, the advert appeals to animal lovers who make up a huge percentage of homeowners — 66% of US households own a pet

Dipple Plumbing doubles down on this animal-centered theme and makes the ad more memorable with wordplay like “don’t be a hotdog” and “keep your pets as cool as a cucumber”.

Lastly, research shows that consumers prefer to patronize brands that give a higher percentage of their total proceeds away. Hence, businesses that want to benefit from social consciousness need to be transparent, and brands in the HVAC industry are no exception.

So while this ad promises to donate a portion of proceeds to an animal shelter, it might come off as performative for not disclosing exactly how much. However, it still somewhat appeals to readers’ socially conscious side.


  • Connect with your target audience and attract their patronage with emotional marketing techniques.
  • Take your promotional offers from good to great by adding an authentic corporate social responsibility (CSR) angle that helps both you and your customers feel good about yourselves.

4. G&P Mechanical: Facebook Marketing

G&P Mechanical created a simple and concise Facebook post to promote its twice-a-year preventative maintenance plan — one in fall and one in spring.

G&P Mechanical

Why it works

First, the post showcases an image of people posing beside a vehicle with bold company branding and contact details. While it’s a bit plain, this imagery makes the ad easy on the eyes and actionable.

Second, it uses compelling copy “invest in peace of mind” in its introductory sentence to instantly capture readers’ attention and appeal to their desire for comfort.

Third, the post caption includes hashtags to aid discoverability and a link to G&P’s website so customers can take action. And lastly, it includes an element of credibility by emphasizing the company’s HVAC technicians’ certification.


  • A paid Facebook ad isn’t the only way to gain patronage on the social media platform; you can also create a normal post to organically attract new customers.
  • Reach the intended target audience of your Facebook ads and posts by using hashtags related to the service you’re offering.

Call Medley Heating & AC leveraged Google ads for hyper-targeted guarantee marketing.

Why it works

This PPC campaign speaks directly to its target customers — commercial property owners or managers — by stating in the headline that the advertiser is a “Local Commercial AC Repair” provider. This approach is effective because it shows audience-centricity which contributes to higher conversions and customer loyalty.

Also, imagine being told that you’d get your money back, a replacement, or free repair/servicing if a product you buy doesn’t work well. You’d feel more confident buying the item right? That’s exactly what guarantee marketing is and it’s a technique Call Medley used in the above ad. The ad gives a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring that patronizing the advertiser is entirely risk-free. 

Further, the body copy emphasizes key selling points like affordability and team experience, ending with a single actionable CTA.


  • Guarantee marketing encourages patronage because customers know they have nothing to lose.
  • For paid search ads with limited word and character counts, specificity makes all the difference between a basic ad and a high-converting ad. 

6. Chaffee Air: TV Ad

Chaffee Air created a humorous spring TV ad that shows the resilience and durability of Trane’s HVAC systems (which they specialize in).

Chaffee Air

Why it works

Human attention spans are fickle and Google reports that 2 out of 3 people will pick up another device during a TV ad break. Hence, a short ad (30 seconds) like this delivers the desired message before viewers lose interest. Also, Chaffee Air is an American company and this ad appeals to Americans’ love for baseball

Further, the ad is centered on showcasing the durability of Trane HVAC units and is a play on the brand’s official tagline “it’s hard to stop a Trane”. Hence, repeating the tagline throughout the video aids emphasis and memorability.

While the video focuses on Trane products, the service provider (Chaffee Air) reminds viewers the true motive of the ad by slipping in an early bird sale announcement.


  • Keep your video ads short and concise.
  • Use themes your target audience can connect to.
  • Leverage the credibility of big brand suppliers like Trane, but don’t forget to emphasize your brand.

So what’s next?

Social Media Platforms Graphic

As you explore various ads and ideas to inspire your own spring campaigns, it’s easy to get confused about which digital marketing strategy or platform will work best for you.

So, here’s a process to try: 

  • Open a document or get out your pen and paper, whichever you prefer.
  • Outline the specific objective you’d like to achieve with your heating and air ad, whether that’s increased brand visibility, improved online engagement, or more service requests and online bookings.
  • Choose the specific ad types and channels you’ll use by studying leading HVAC brands or consulting with HVAC marketing experts like us.

And voila — you’ve got yourself a playbook!

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FAQs on Spring HVAC advertising

How can I advertise my HVAC business in spring?

You can advertise your HVAC company during spring by creating social media posts, PPC ads, and promotional videos.

How do I get customers for my HVAC business in spring?

Get HVAC customers during spring by building an online presence, improving your website design, engaging in local SEO, and sourcing positive customer reviews. Launching special offers and running paid ads are also great customer acquisition strategies.

How do I get HVAC leads in spring?

The fastest way to get HVAC leads in any season is through PPC ads. You can also attract qualified HVAC leads through organic strategies like social media posting, email marketing, local SEO website optimization, and blogging.

How can I increase my HVAC sales in spring?

Boost your HVAC sales in spring through seamless customer service, competitive pricing, preventative maintenance services, reputation building, and local SEO.

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