18 Best HVAC Websites Examples to Emulate for More Leads

Cluttered text, hidden value propositions, 404-page-not-found, not-mobile friendly, or site-not-secure notifications. All these things interrupt the user experience of site visitors and create friction for visitors. Friction is the nemesis of growth and prevents qualified leads from converting.

The best HVAC websites:

  • Load fast
  • Are responsive on mobile phones, tablets, as well as desktops
  • Have beautiful visual design 
  • Include helpful content that’s easily scannable
  • And help customers easily find the information they need while guiding them to take action. 

In this piece, we share strong points and lessons from the 18 best HVAC websites in the country — so you can adopt the lessons, and get more conversions from your website.

One of the metrics Google measures website page speeds with is the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

It is an essential stable Core Web Vital metric that measures when the web page’s main content has likely loaded. 

It shows “the render time of the largest image or text block visible within the viewport” in proportion to when the page began to load. Google recommends an average LCP of 2.5 or less to create a good user experience. 

We measured website speeds using LCP in this article.

LCP in a nutshell

Best 18 HVAC Websites in the Country

Company nameStrong points
Command ComfortHelpful, search-optimized FAQ page and homepage FAQ section addressing common customer concerns and improving SEO
Sila Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and ElectricalSearch-optimized copy targeting service areas, making it easy for local searchers to find Sila online
Summit Heating and CoolingThe About Us section shows social impact and brand values connecting with local customers who share the same values
Atlantic Heating and Air ConditioningInclusive user experience with accessibility options allowing users with disabilities effortlessly access information
Indoor ExpertsGood readability and digestible information presentation
Quigley ACCreative hvac website design showing discounts as coupons — fitting the American money-saving shopping culture
4 Seasons HVAC ProEasy-to-read web design of services summary on homepage with icons and snippets, making it scannable
Clark Heating Air Conditioning and PlumbingQuick credibility with visuals of customer logos, credibility and reviews
Trilogy AC Heating and CoolingMulti-lingual media content identifying with local Spanish-speaking audience and increasing chances of conversions
Carini Home ServicesExcellent use of local news feature and product images to present the brand’s value and trustworthiness
Reliant Air ConditioningExceptional creativity and brand consistency in use of colors, comic HVAC web design, and superhero mascot improving memorability
Oasis Heating and CoolingSimple Contact Us page providing several contact options for customers to easily reach its team
Williams MechanicalUsing nostalgia marketing with Vintage website design to evoke fond memories and feelings of comfort among target customers
The Air Co. Air Conditioning and HeatingCustom video portfolio showing expertise and increasing user engagement
Season Control Heating and Air ConditioningUpdated search-optimized blog improving chances of ranking, attracting qualified leads, and converting new customers
Thermal servicesTabulated pricing packages helping customers easily know the price and deliverables of offers, increasing sign-ups and conversions
Ken’s HVAC/R ServiceCareer page attracting local talent and improving the quality of the business’ team
FL HVAC ServicesOnline store simplifying the shopping process for customers without requesting for users to open accounts

1. Command Comfort

Command FAQ page

Hot Take: Effective FAQ page and section

An FAQ page allows you to answer common sales questions and objections in the minds of customers and prospects before an in-person meeting. 

That way, you build trust early with buyers and potentially improve your conversion rates.

Rich FAQs also help increase visibility among qualified leads. 

HVAC systems are complex. So, customers will have questions about installation, maintenance, and related topics. And they’ll often go to search engines like Google to find answers. 

Your FAQ pages can rank for those search queries, and attract free traffic then. For example, Apollo Home generated $20,000 worth of traffic from Google using FAQs.

Command comfort shows that they understand their clients’ concerns and offer detailed responses to common customer queries. The section focuses on facing objections head-on and educating the customer to get the best service possible.

To do this they

  • Describe how to choose an HVAC contractor and highlight key factors unique to Orange County, California, like looking out for HVAC companies’ licenses and insurance. 
  • Mention their service area. This improves search engine optimization (SEO) by telling the search engine the location where the content is relevant.
  • Answer other questions ranging from warranties, pricing, their process, and system tune-up duration.
Command FAQ section on homepage

Command Comfort features a shorter FAQ section beneath the home page. They also provide a quiz that helps prospects know what services they need. By this, they effectively engage website visitors before they contact the company.

LCP: 2.1 seconds (mobile) and 0.8 seconds (desktop)

2. Sila Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical

Sila Website copy optimized for local search

To get the right traffic and qualified leads to your HVAC website, consider using local SEO to hyper target the neighborhoods and communities in your service areas. 

You can include relevant HVAC SEO keywords with cities and neighborhoods in your target location. 

Many HVAC brands show up for search queries requesting HVAC services in a city. For example, a search query for ‘AC repair in Atlanta’ shows 13 companies.

Google maps AC repair in Atlanta

However, fewer companies display in search results for brands in metropolitan neighborhoods on Google. The query ‘AC repair in Wisteria Gardens, Georgia’ shows only four companies, thus improving their visibility 3X.

Google maps AC repair in Wisteria Gardens

Mentioning your target service areas in your website’s copy helps Google easily connect you to prospects from your service areas.

Sila does this well by mentioning its service area, Greater Boston, MA, in its service pages’ headings and main text. Here are examples of how they do this using a question-and-answer format:

  • Is Your Greater Boston, MA Home’s Utility Bill Unusually High?
  • Is Your Greater Boston, Massachusetts, home’s Ductwork and design Able to Handle a New A/C System?

They also speak to the unique heating and cooling challenges that families in Greater Boston face based on their experience providing HVAC services there.

  • Home Boiler Systems in Greater Boston, MA, are Prone to Cracking During Seasonal Changes in Temperature

LCP: 2 seconds (mobile) and 1.6 seconds (desktop)

Note: While Sila has great web copy, we suggest not using fonts that can be hard to read like they do. Instead, use fonts like Roboto (including Condensed and Slab), Raleway, and Poppins, which are easier to read.

3. Summit Heating and Cooling

Summit Detailed About Us section

Hot take: Detailed About Us section showing values and social impact

Readers visit your About Us page hoping to learn more about your values, team, experience, and track record. 

It’s a great place to shed light on who you are and how you make a difference in people’s lives and your local community.

Summit’s About Us section features pages communicating their values and track record. Here are some aspects of their brand it highlights.

  • Donations of heating and cooling systems to families in partnership with Lennox under their “Feel The Love” program. They also invite customers to vote for a $1,000 gift for their favorite charity.
Summit feel the love program section
  • Their #shoplocal initiative shares that they patronize local vendors to boost Kansas City’s local economy and they encourage customers to do the same
  • Their case study page dives deep into the video story of a customer they helped solve HVAC noise and comfort challenges.

LCP: 2 seconds (mobile) and 2.4 seconds (desktop)

4. Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning

Atlantic heating air accessibility tool example

Hot take: Inclusive website with accessibility options

To enable people with disabilities to access your website without difficulty, consider adding accessibility options to your HVAC site. 

The CDC reveals that 26% of the US population (about 86 million) have disabilities. So, a cross-section of your prospects and customers likely battle with disabilities that call for accessibility accommodations. 

Accessibility options help you

Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning’s website is designed with underserved demographics in mind. Their accessibility options include font, contrast, dyslexia settings, and more. 

LCP: 1.3 seconds (desktop)

5. Indoor Experts

Scannable homepage hero text

Hot take: Readable homepage copy

Though visitors scroll through websites’ content, recent research shows that they spend more time viewing content above the fold (the website section that appears before they scroll).

Using a mix of large and small font sizes, color contrast, and a brightly colored CTA button, they successfully guide their reader’s eye to essential information and desired action steps.

It’s how visual hierarchy works.

Typography visual hierarchy

You can also help users scan your website to find the necessary information when you:

1 – Write your unique value proposition above the fold
2 – Break up content with

  • bullet points
  • lists
  • meaningful headings
  • short paragraphs and 
  • writing the most important points first to improve your website’s readability on different devices.
example of digestible copy in Indoor Experts website

Indoor Experts shares a lot of information in a concise and digestible format. 

LCP: 2.1 seconds (mobile) and 0.7 seconds (desktop)

6. Quigley AC

Quigley coupon design

Hot take: Meaningful design that taps into America’s shopping culture

Creatively convey your message using everyday marketing concepts your customers are familiar with. 

Added to the website’s beautiful and responsive design, Quigley AC taps into America’s shopping culture by showcasing its discount offers on coupon designs showing price reductions or free services. 

88% of Americans surveyed in 2020 said they used coupons. Quigley creatively connects with local customers’ money-saving tendencies by offering affordable HVAC services designed as coupons on their website.

They also display a ‘text us: pop-up, allowing visitors to take action without scrolling to another website section.

LCP: 3.5 seconds (mobile) and 2.6 seconds (desktop)

7. Seasons HVAC Pros

Scannable copy with snippets of service benefits

Hot take: Scannable copy with snippets of service benefits

Since the early days of the internet, the layout of websites has affected user experience. White space between paragraphs and on the left and right margins have been shown to improve comprehension by almost 20%.

White space is the space around the elements of a design, including letters and words. Using short, easy-to-read snippets and icons lets you share critical information about your services on your home while improving the site’s readability.

4 Seasons displays its core services with short excerpts showing customers’ heating and cooling problems and the solutions 4 Seasons offers.

LCP: 13.5 seconds (mobile) and 2.9 seconds (desktop)

8. Clark Heating Air Conditioning and Plumbing

Clark Heating Air displaying reviews, certifications, and partnerships

Hot take: Great quick credibility by displaying reviews, certifications, and partnerships

Credibility is a great way to build trust and show competence. 

A Bright Local survey revealed that 98% of people online read online reviews to learn more about local businesses, for example.

Visuals of certifications, partnerships, awards, customer logos, and review ratings communicate credibility and a strong track record to prospects from your service area.

Clark Heating Air Conditioning and Plumbing does this well by displaying links to reviews, certifications, and logos of their partners beneath their site’s home page. 

LCP: 13.6 seconds (mobile) and 1.9 seconds (desktop)

9. Trilogy AC Heating and Cooling

muti language content examples shown in spanish and english

Hot take: Multi-lingual media content identifying with local target audience

Consider creating a multilingual website if a significant section of your target audience speaks another language. 

An HBR research showed that nine out of ten internet users always visited a site in their language when given a choice. A 2020 survey revealed that 65% of respondents prefer content in their local language, even if it’s poor quality.About 38% of Houston’s population, five years and above, speak Spanish. By adding an image in which they write their service process in Spanish language, Trilogy identifies with Spanish-speaking people in their service area.

LCP: 7.7 seconds (mobile) and 2.4 seconds (desktop)


Google suggests creating a different page where all elements are in the chosen language instead of writing both languages on one page. 

If you want to feature a local language other than English without creating a different page, consider using the language in images or other audio-visual elements.

10. Carini Home Services

Carini website shown in local news

Hot take: Local news feature boosts credibility

Local residents read local media like printed or online newspapers to learn about current happenings in their local communities. 

Local news features can increase local visibility among local residents who are more likely to call you, boosting sales and revenue. 

Downtown Westfield Corporation, a local business, got 4,300 article reads and more ticket sales when its upcoming events were featured in a local newspaper.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers say video marketing helped them increase sales. By showing news features on your website, you can tap into the revenue potential of video marketing. 

Carini shares its news interview video with a local TV station where they describe how the mini-split ductless systems work, how the homeowners benefit, and how Carini Home Services is different.

This effective PR move is a great way to bolster credibility and quickly introduce the brand’s value to site visitors.

LCP: 3.7 seconds (mobile) and 3.4 seconds (desktop)

11. Reliant Air Conditioning

Reliant superhero theme hero

Having a distinct and consistent brand expressed across your company’s communication channels can increase your revenue.

68% of respondents in recent research reported that brand consistency contributed about 10%-20% of revenue growth.

Brand consistency involves aligning with your core values at all times and on all your communication platforms. Your tone, diction, color choice, and logos should reflect your offer and what you stand for.

Based on popular storylines, people rely on superheroes to intervene when they have challenges they cannot handle.

Reliant’s superhero branding sets it apart from other HVAC brands and makes it memorable. From the Superman-like mascot to the hero club, the phone number (877-call-your-hero), and the comic-like design, the HVAC company consistently communicates reliability.

Reliant superhero theme

This makes it easier for customers to identify their brand at different touch points of interacting with them. 

LCP: 2.3 seconds (mobile) and 2 seconds (desktop)

12. Oasis Heating and Cooling

Oasis contact page

Hot take: User-Friendly Contact Us page

Customers experiencing HVAC emergencies have to call, text, or schedule an HVAC service company quickly. An effective Contact Us page allows them to reach you effortlessly.

Oasis’ Contact Us page shares their phone number, 24-hour, seven-days-a-week availability, and a prominent ‘text us’ CTA.

The page also includes the link to a schedule form that collects customer details like their names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers. It also collects service details, preferred dates, and service schedules.

LCP: 5.0 seconds (mobile) and 1.8 seconds (desktop)


It’s not enough to have a clear contact process, current HVAC industry trends show that customers expect faster response times. Consider using automation tools like online booking systems to allow customers to schedule service appointments fast without a call.

13. Williams Mechanical

Williams Mechanical retro theme

Hot take: Brilliant nostalgia marketing with retro-themed design

Top brands like Coca-Cola and Nike use nostalgia marketing to evoke familiar emotions in a target audience and create a bond. What sparks fond memories differs from one generation to another. 

Studies show that nostalgia brings feelings of comfort and safety to older people. 

Retro-themed web designs target a specific audience by using dated designs that create a sense of familiarity while ensuring the website is easy to use and navigate.

Williams Mechanical’s vintage-badge logos and icons, color scheme, and fonts connect with older homeowners.

Williams Mechanical retro theme example of buttons and badge

LCP: 4.8 seconds (mobile) and 1.1 seconds (desktop)

14. The Air Co. Air Conditioning and Heating

examples of hvac video portfolios

Hot take: Video marketing with video portfolios

Video portfolios of HVAC projects engage visitors and convert leads by displaying

  • your expertise,
  • track record
  • problem-solving skills. 

89% of survey respondents said watching a video convinced them to purchase a product or service.

The Air Co. shares videos of the company changing out a 12.5-ton HVAC system with a helicopter lift and a 20-ton HVAC unit on their homepage, helping visitors learn more about their services. 

LCP: 8.0 seconds (mobile) and 2.5 seconds (desktop)

15. Season Control Heating and Air Conditioning

search optimized blog

Hot take: Search-optimized blog bringing qualified traffic

Organic search is the top traffic source online. A 2022 study also revealed that consumers increase their search engine use by 20% year-over-year.

Keeping an updated and Search-optimized blog brings qualified traffic to your website and connects with buyers across different sales funnel stages. 

Season Control maintains an up-to-date search-optimized blog. This increases their chances of ranking among the SERPs for relevant keywords. 

Their website also features specific pages for HVAC services in 22 service areas to help search engines index their pages for the correct search query. This ensures that they attract potential customers from their service areas.

example of hvac services pages

LCP: 4.2 seconds (mobile) and 1.7 seconds (desktop)

16. Thermal Services

pricing table with clear structure and plans

Hot take: Great pricing page with a clear structure and plans

When customers don’t understand your pricing and deliverables, they’ll be less likely to convert. Creating simple and structured pricing packages improves the chances of increased sales and revenue. 

ProfitWell reveals that users are more likely to sign up for a plan if it clearly presents what value they get and for how much.  

Thermal Services has a pricing page with a tabulated pricing structure and plans. Customers can easily compare plans, learn the value of each offer, and buy what suits them best.

LCP: 1.8 seconds (mobile) and 2 seconds (desktop)

17. Ken’s HVAC/R Service

HVAC careers page

Hot take: Effective career page

With over 9.6 million job openings in America by August 2023, finding top talent is becoming more important. A career page allows you to share your work culture and employee benefits.

It takes a great team to provide memorable HVAC services for your customers. Your website’s career page lets local talent find you easily.

Ken’s careers page links to a form where local talent can apply to join their team and a job description with contact details.

LCP: 10.8 seconds (mobile) and 3.2 seconds (desktop)

18. FL HVAC Services

HVAC online store

Hot take: Online store simplifying purchase process

24% of online shoppers in the US abandon their cart because the site wanted them to create a user account before buying.

Customers get discouraged when they want to make one-off purchases but can’t buy without opening user accounts.

If your HVAC company supplies products, consider having an online store on your website. Don’t require users to open accounts on your website unless it’s necessary. 

An online store allows you to access customer emails and purchase history. It helps you analyze their buying behavior and build a direct relationship with them.

FL HVAC Services features a conspicuous ‘buy filters’ button that links to its online store. The store displays filter pictures and specifications so users can order products with ease, improving their user experience.

LCP: 15.6 seconds (mobile) and 4.0 seconds (desktops)

How can you create a user-friendly website that meets your HVAC business goals?

Several things go into building a successful website. But you’re off to a great start if your HVAC website has

  • Speed 
  • Clearly spelled-out services
  • Visible and relevant CTAs
  • An obvious chat button and contact details 
  • Some form of social proof

Test your website to see if it loads under 2.5 seconds (LCP). If it doesn’t, consider hiring a specialized agency like Lokal to improve your website’s design and content.

Ask someone who doesn’t know about your services to read your website’s homepage heading in 5 seconds and see if they understand your offer. If they don’t, you need a clearer unique value proposition. 

Check that your contact details are easily accessible on your website’s pages. 

And if you’re worried about finding skilled service providers for each of these things, that’s where we come in.

Lokal’s team of experienced digital marketers and web developers can help you build a unique HVAC website that attracts qualified traffic, converts visitors to customers, and increases revenue.

We partner with home service brands like yours to

  • Build bespoke, customer-centered, user-friendly websites. Depending on the number of pages, copywriting, and schedule, building your site takes a few weeks to a few months.
  • Revamp existing websites’ layouts using premium WordPress templates and creative designs to improve user experience.
  • Host websites in partnership with Digital Ocean. This covers setup, maintenance, and support, including Managed caching, SSL certificates, backup and restore, theme updates, and plugin updates.
  • Support their websites to run optimally with adequate defense against malware and hackers. 

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

We’re rooting for you!

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