7 Summer HVAC Ads to Capitalize on the Increased Demand

As the summer heat comes, be sure you’re seizing every chance to convert the influx of customers.

To do that, you need ads that:

  • Capture attention fast. Almost every HVAC business will be advertising then, so you’ve got to stand out first.
  • Stir customers’ logic or emotions. Highlight the benefits of your service or product, like quality, functionality, or price. Or focus on how the service or product will make the customer feel like comfort, peace, relaxation, etc.
  • Trigger action. Inspire prospects to make a purchase, sign up to a newsletter, visit a website, or do something specific. 

We found and dissected 7 creative summer HVAC ads that effectively do one or more of these things. Read on to get inspired.

1. John C. Flood: A Summer Checklist

Summer temperatures soar to 120°+ (49°C) in US states like Florida, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. As people brace themselves to face the hot summer, John C. Flood’s innovative summer HVAC advert shares a checklist of outdoor activities to prepare.

This checklist paints a relatable picture of how people prep for summer:

  • Pull out the patio
  • Skim the pool
  • Mow your lawn

Then, it transitions to a silent indoor scene with someone changing the air filter — a task that can be overlooked.

video transitions to a silent indoor scene with someone changing the air filter

The next scene shares why they should change A/C filters, “Dirty filters decrease airflow, making your system work harder.” After all, viewers 

  • will need the cool clean air in summer
  • want to avoid the threat of an AC breaking down because it worked too hard
  • want to save energy costs by improving the efficiency of their ACs

Next, the ad shows them how often to improve their AC efficiency which, no surprise, is a subtle pitch for the company’s maintenance services.“Change your AC  filters at least every other month for peak efficiency.” 

Finally, the ad ends with a CTA  asking viewers to schedule regular maintenance with John C. Flood. 

  • A potential customer will often seek out ways to prepare for the heat to avoid risks like heat exhaustion and heat stroke in summer. This advert is exactly what they’re looking for.
  • John C. Flood’s ad weaves its service (air filter change) into a short educative video that solves challenges its prospects may face in summer.
three items people prep for in the summer
  • Think about how people prep for summer. What do they often call you for? 
  • Create a to-do list of ways to prepare for the summer heat and include a task that highlights your most requested summer service.

2. Everest Air: Mobile-friendly ad

Everest Air’s Facebook advert is budget-friendly with an exceptional copy. The ad’s copy identifies the customers’ pain points and mentions its service area from the beginning. 

The company uses emojis to add a human, informal, and friendly touch to its advert. This resonates with people who prefer to express themselves with emojis. Chatting with a friend feels perfect for the targeted mobile audience.

Everest Air Facebook ad

They list major comfort and HVAC concerns customers have in summer.

“Say goodbye to:

❌ The dread of your AC quitting on the hottest day of the year🌞

❌ Watching your utility bills skyrocket due to an inefficient system😡

❌ The uncertainty of wondering if your AC can handle the summer heat…”

Then, they share their limited $29 offer and promise a comfortable summer experience afterward. 

“This limited-time $29 tune-up special is your ticket to a worry-free summer. Don’t wait until it’s too late!”

They have a clear call to action that guides the prospect to a form to submit their details.

“👇 Click Here to Schedule Your $29 AC Tune-Up 👇”

Its Facebook ad targets users on the mobile app with a portrait video (9:16 aspect ratio).

Lastly, the technician outlines the benefits customers can expect in the video.

  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased energy costs and
  • Increased life expectancy on the system
  • The ad uses one of the best video dimensions for the social media platform it’s running on.  97% of Facebook users use their mobile phones.
  • Customers delay purchases until they get discounts. Mentioning that it’s available for a limited time also creates a sense of urgency in prospects’ minds.
  • Using emojis mimics the feeling of chatting with a friend on phone.
Mobile friendly ad using emoji
  • Facebook ads are one of the best ways to advertise an HVAC business. Create ads that reflect your company’s voice and tone. Sparingly use emojis if it works for your audience. 
  • Think about the devices your audience will access the advertising platform on to choose the content format and dimensions.
  • Consider budget content production options like vertical videos shot with mobile phones, they work just as well.

3. Sears Home Services: Educational summer tune-up ad

Sears Home Services shares an educational HVAC-maintenance-themed ad that answers some common challenges customers face. 

They use an animated video to break AC maintenance into simple steps with tips to help customers get it right.

They end the ad with a description of their air conditioning repair service: we can replace, repair, and maintain your air conditioning system. 

Tip: Always include your contact details in adverts as this makes it easy for convinced customers to call immediately instead of clicking further to find it. 

  • HVAC contractors often will receive more tune-up requests than installation requests in summer. About 90% of American homes already use air conditioning. An ad focused on showing customers how to maintain HVAC units, and signs that they need expert help makes sense.
  • Sears Home Services ads tap into people’s love for to-do lists with its short checklist. According to Dr. David Cohen, author and psychologist, people love to-do lists because they reduce anxiety about life’s chaos, give a structure and plan to follow, and prove they accomplish things with their time.
  • By showing customers how to prepare for summer’s heat, they build trust and position themselves as the experts in the minds of customers who need HVAC repair or replacement.
maintenance tip change your filters graphic
  • Write some common problems your customers’ HVAC systems can develop in summer. 
  • List HVAC maintenance tips they can observe to have a more comfortable experience.
  • Mention conditions or signs they need to call an expert to service their HVAC unit.
  • Mention how you can help them at the end of the advert.
  • Show customers how to contact you at the end of your summer ads.
  • Keep it short and sweet

Not sure how to capitalize on your summer HVAC ads?

4. Essential Heat and Cooling: Clear concise, and catchy copy

Unlike other brands that charge up to $80+ for service calls, Essential Heat offers $0 service calls, and they use that to prompt more calls in their HVAC PPC ads.

Essential Heat and Cooling: Clear concise, and catchy copy Google ad

In addition, they clearly state the advantages of choosing them in the title tag and meta description.

  • Solution-focused service
  • Speed (Same day service)
  • Friendly experience 
  • Expertise (Access to expert technicians who will ensure your HVAC system functions optimally, saving money and energy.)

They preempt the customer’s thoughts and needs, answering possible questions in the meta description and title. 

They also include their phone number here so customers can easily call them.

In the other version of their copy, they share social proof and indirectly invite viewers to learn what others think about them.

Essential Heat and Cooling Google ad showing meta description less than 160 characters

Tip! When you create Google PPC ads, make the meta description less than 160 characters so it doesn’t get truncated on mobile screens.

  • The reciprocity principle suggests that one individual or party will be pressured to reward a positive action or a favor with a positive action. So customers who enjoy free services or service calls often purchase more from the brand that gave them the free service or call. 
  • Previous research by Dr. Paul J. Zak, a Professor of Neuroeconomics at Claremont Graduate University, shows that discounts boost oxytocin levels, making customers happier and associating your brand with positive emotions. The bold $0 service call allows Essential Heating and Cooling to get their foot in the door. 

The social proof and reviews help them win customer trust — since 98% of prospects trust customer reviews.

share discounts or other offers in the meta title of your Google ads
  • Clearly share discounts or other offers in the meta title of your Google ads.
  • If you have a good number of positive reviews, refer to them in your ads, as reviews have a strong influence over customers’ buying decisions.

5. Comfort Air: Creative ad with a clear call to action

Online users are inundated by thousands of ads which can distract them easily. Comfort Air creatively repeats its single CTA ‘Call Paul’ in this video summer HVAC ad and subtly infers that the best way to handle summer’s indoor heat is to call Paul.

This creative HVAC ad opens with a woman complaining about how hot it is and that something must be wrong with the air conditioner. 

When the man in the house asks the air conditioner, ‘So, what’s your problem?’  Parts of the HVAC unit reply with, “Maybe it’s time to Call Paul,” “Yes, call Paul.”  An older woman, who is probably his mom, says, “Call Paul.

He finally calls Paul, and the ad transitions to a scene where the air conditioner says “Thank you” to a smiling HVAC technician from Comfort Air. 

  • The ad uses repetition without making the viewer feel manipulated or bored. Repetition bias means repeated information appears more true. It can be from different sources or a single source. 

Repeating ‘Call Paul’ as the solution to the summer heat tells a customer’s brain that calling Paul is the best response to the summer heat.

HVAC ad using catchprase
  • Create a catchphrase that captures the value you offer your customers or the action you want them to take. 
  • Repeat the catchphrase in an advert or across your messaging in different formats and platforms.
  • Have a clear CTA in your ads or commercials and seamlessly weave them into the copy or narrative.

6. Los Angeles Heat Repair: Quick credibility

Customers want to be sure they’re doing business with brands with a track record of excellent service. Los Angeles Heat Repair displays its license and 43 years of experience. The PPC ad also links to their HVAC service webpages that customers might be interested in.

Los Angeles Heat Repair Google ad: Quick credibility

People tend to buy from businesses they trust. Los Angeles Heat Repair mentions how long they’ve offered HVAC services, their license, and that they are insured and bonded. These assure the customer that they are experts and build trust. This is a great way to gain more conversions, as 81% of customers consider the trustworthiness of a business before deciding to work with them.

a range of HVAC badges

Share information that makes your HVAC company stand out in your advert. These can include:

  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Years of experience 
  • Awards
  • Badges
  • Insurance status, etc.

7. Handy Air LLC – Air Conditioning and Heating: Cost-saving value prop

Handy Air’s HVAC Facebook ad majors on financing options to purchase an efficient AC. 

People love free stuff. Even if they have to pay for it eventually. So the flyer’s most prominent copy highlights the financing benefits of buying a new system from them.‘Pay nothing for 6 months’

Handy Air LLC - Air Conditioning and Heating: Cost-saving value prop

The copy also calls out the struggle homeowners with old ACs face during summer — they may need to change old ACs for new units before summer. So Handy Air invites them to buy a Ducane high-efficiency AC and promises a comfortable summer with savings. 

Is your old AC struggling to keep your home comfortable? Not sure it will survive another summer? 😬

Don’t wait for the worst to happen! Upgrade to a Ducane high-efficiency AC system today and enjoy comfort and energy-saving benefits for years to come. 

Finally, a clear CTA guides customers to contact them for a free estimate.

Text us at (321) 499-8171 or click ‘Get Quote” below for your fast, free estimate.

Why it works

Handy Air’s ad appeals to the customer’s desires for discounts, offers, and free things. 

Recent research shows that homeowners are more likely to pay for HVAC systems when financing or discount options are available.

HVAC special tune up ad
  • Emphasize incentives like specials, discounts, or loyalty benefits in your adverts.

8. Bonus – Midea: Powerful storytelling

Temperatures in the North Pole could range from -79 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Midea keeps their viewers’ attention with the storyline of a missing polar bear in summer.

The ad subtly connotes that Midea brings the chilling atmosphere of the North Pole into your home. The closing text, a pun, “Make your summer ‘bear-able’. Powerful cooling all time,” shows viewers that they can control their indoor experience and make summer comfortable with their AC.

Stories trigger the brain’s frontal cortex and activate sections connected to empathy, emotions, and memory. This can influence customers’ buying decisions.

powerful storytelling facebook ads graphic
  • Think of creative stories to communicate how your business helps customers.
  • Consider themes like comfort, family life, peace, health, and cost savings. 

Make more sales this summer

Adverts are the part of your HVAC marketing strategy that help you connect with new audiences, reinforce relationships with your existing customers, and raise awareness about your current offers and services. 

Whether it’s a Google ad, a banner, or a video advert, prioritize the customer and put their needs first.

To kick-start your next ad, think about

  • Who the advertisement is for
  • What platform and format you will use
  • What solutions or offers you’d like them to know about
  • How you want them to think or feel when seeing your ad
  • What action you’d like them to take afterward
  • What details should be in the ad
  • What resources (financial, time, and human) you have to create an advert.

Then, use the thoughts you’ve written to draw up a unique plan for your HVAC advertising campaign. But don’t forget to track KPIs to measure the success of the ads. And as you measure, iterate on your strategy based on your observations from conversions and feedback from customers.

Need help? For over 22 years, our experts have helped businesses like yours reach their audience and convert qualified leads with pay-per-click advertising. We’d love to shape your next advertising campaign to keep your phone ringing and pipeline full.

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