20+ HVAC Influencers To Follow If You’re a Technician Or Installer

We’ve compiled a list of the top HVAC influencers to follow in 2024.

These influencers provide practical tips on various topics, from marketing to HVAC career skills, empowering your HVAC business to stand out from local competitors and attract more leads.

To make up this list, we researched and selected HVAC creators who:

  • Have a large, engaged social media audience
  • Publish helpful, actionable content on a variety of HVAC topics regularly
  • Attract likes and comments from their audience

For each influencer, we explain their expertise, topics they cover, and where to find them. 

Note: This list isn’t exhaustive—many more HVAC influencers share helpful content online. But to speed up your search, we’ve rounded up the best 20 we could find. 

1. Ty Branaman

love2hvac instagram profile

Ty Branaman (CMHE) is an HVAC educator and founder of Aether HVAC Training popularly known as love2HVAC. He shares educational content that simplifies complex HVAC topics for new technicians and empowers existing HVAC technicians. 

Currently, Ty works as a technical content developer with ESCO Institute, a platform that provides over 200 training solutions for HVACR professionals. 

He also created a free step-by-step HVAC fundamentals course covering about 200 topics and regularly shares helpful tips and insights on social media. His achievements earned him the 2024 Influencer of the Year HVAC tactical award. 

If you want to upskill or train new technicians in your company, consider following Ty on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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2. Curtis Harrison

HVAC Guy youtube profile

Curtis Harrison, also known as HVACGuy, is an HVACR expert based in Georgia. 

He founded Climate Control, an HVACR brand that provides services in South Georgia.

On YouTube, Curtis has shared over 1000 on-the-job videos to walk his audience through his HVAC repair and installation process, while empowering them to do the same. 

“My videos are mostly for instructional purposes for novices, and experienced techs alike. I also wish to show people considering entering the field exactly what to expect.”

Curtis Harrison, Founder of Climate Control

To keep up and learn from his content:

3. Craig Milgiaccio

AC service tech youtube profile

Craig Migliaccio is the founder of AC Service Tech LLC

He hosts AC Service Tech Answers, a podcast in which he, alongside a guest expert technician, answers HVAC/R-related questions technicians ask. 

Craig also has the AC Service Tech LLC YouTube channel, which has almost 500,000 subscribers and more than 500 videos on HVACR basics, installation, and troubleshooting.

The Southern New Jersey-based HVAC influencer has also authored several HVACR books (you can find them on Apple books), including:  

  • Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures for Air Conditioning Paperback
  • Inverter Mini Split Operation and Service Procedures Paperback
  • HVAC Quick Reference Cards for Refrigerant Charging and Troubleshooting

“I want all technicians to have a deep knowledge of our field so that they can grow quickly and have confidence in their skill sets.”

Craig Milgiaccio, Owner and Founder of AC Service Tech LLC 

Follow Craig on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok for helpful HVACR basics, installation, and troubleshooting tips. 

4. Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia instagram profile

Adrian Garcia owns Reliable Kitchen Services in South Texas, a family-owned and operated business that offers HVACR services and hot side/commercial kitchen equipment.

He hosts the Reliable HVACR podcast, where he invites other HVAC technicians and founders to share their career journeys and helpful tips for thriving in any corner of the trade industry.

On social media, Adrian shares his work experiences, answers his audience’s HVAC questions (in short-form videos), and reviews/recommends helpful tools. As a result, he won the 2024 HVAC Tactical Awards for best social media content.

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“The best part about being online creating content is helping others and building bonds with other trades people who take the same pride in their work as you do.”

Adrian Garcia, Owner of Reliable Kitchen Services

5. Chris Stephens

HVACR Youtube profile

Chris Stephens works as a consultant with HVACR Tech Solutions LLC. 

He is also the founder of HVACR Videos, an educational resource that evolved from posting a series of unlisted training videos he recorded for his employees.

His videos cover topics such as HVAC service calls, a Q&A podcast, and repairs of refrigeration, air conditioning, walk-in freezers, exhaust fans, and ice machines.

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“My goal with this project is to share the little bit of knowledge that I have, in hopes of helping the next guy.”

Chris Stephens, Founder, HVACR Videos

6. ZacDes Jardins

Quality HVACR Youtube profile

An expert HVAC tech and social media influencer, ZacDes Jardins is the brain behind Quality HVAC, a family-owned business he operates in the Tennessee area.

On YouTube and Instagram, he shares practical videos of HVAC repairs, installations, and service in real client project situations, along with helpful insights, tool reviews, and usage tips for HVAC techs and business owners.

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7. Zachary Wilson

Lokal instagram profile

Zachary Wilson is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at LokalHQ, an HVAC marketing agency providing helpful digital marketing tips to grow your HVAC business. 

He also hosts the Boost podcast, where Zach, along with experienced HVAC contractors, shares helpful growth, marketing, buying, and selling tips. 

Zach also writes and sends out the Boost newsletter every week to 17,000+ home service businesses learning to market smarter. Previous newsletters have covered topics like 

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8. Jennifer Manzo

HVAC Chiicks Jeniffer Tiktok profile

Based in Maine, Jennifer is an HVAC technician and mechanical engineer who co-founded Valeriani Air Conditioning. 

Currently, she leads the HVA-Chicks Coalition, which collaborates with manufacturers, trade schools, and other coalitions to support women in the HVAC.

Jennifer also champions women’s involvement in the HVAC industry as a Skill Cat app women ambassador and co-hosts Misfits of HVAC. Her significant contributions to the trade earned her the 2024 Lady of the Trade HVAC Tactical award.

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9. Gil Gavey Jr

hvaccuncensored instagram profile

Gilbert Carvey is the Chief Operating Manager of Beltway Air Conditioning and Heat

He hosts the HVAC Uncensored Podcast, where he interviews contractors about running an HVAC business, marketing, and lessons from their career journeys. 

On social media, Gilbert shares snippets and full videos of his podcast and tips from his 21-year experience in HVAC.

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“I love being an HVAC influencer for many reasons. One of them is that we all get to hold each other accountable get better ourselves at the same time making others better. And getting to see all of the amazing blue-collar men and women all over the world is truly a blessing.”

Gil Carvey jr, Chief Operating Manager, Beltway Air Conditioning and Heat

10. Eduardo Felix Diaz (@HVACAssassin)

HVAC Assasin instagram profile

Eduardo Felix Ciaz (HVAC Assasin) is an HVAC and BAS programmer, field technician, HVAC social media influencer, and the Senior Controls Technician of Johnson Controls, Miami Florida. With over 17 years of experience, his expertise spans mechanical aspect controls, programming, and HVAC communication. 

On Instagram, he shares videos on HVAC repairs, HVAC careers, actuators, sensors, wiring configurations, HVAC service tips, and HVAC communication and controls. 

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11. Gary McCreadie

Gary McCreadie instagram profile

Gary McCreadie is the President of McCreadie HVAC And Refrigeration Services Inc and the creator of HVAC Know It All

On social media, he shares practical videos on HVAC concepts using real-life scenarios, tips, tool reviews, and troubleshooting. He also hosts the HVAC Know It All Podcast.

For more:

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12. Jeff DeMassari

Jeff J dem HVAC instagram profile

Jeff DeMassari is a lead HVAC installer with First Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, a Metuchen, New Jersey HVAC company. He shares practical videos on YouTube and Instagram covering advanced HVAC installations, HVAC tips, and client projects where he solves complex heating and cooling problems.

For more: Watch Jeffjdemhvac’s videos on Instagram and YouTube.

13. Jessica Bannister

HVACJess instagram profile

Jessica Banister, popularly known as HVAC Jess, is a refrigeration and AC apprentice at Cam Cool Refrigeration Inc. in British Columbia, Canada. 

She currently chairs Women in HVAC-R Canada.

On YouTube and Instagram, Jessica shares lessons from her career journey to inspire women in HVAC, as well as on-the-job videos to teach her audience how to deliver a satisfactory job. 

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14. Jacob Krauss

Koolin wiith Kraus youtube profile

Jacob Krauss, also known as Koolin’ With Krauss, co-owns Bizzy Air, an HVAC brand offering residential and light commercial HVAC services in Florida. He also owns Koolin’ with Krauss, a YouTube channel that showcases Jacob’s work and reviews HVAC tools. 

On social media, he shares videos of his client projects providing informative resources to new and veteran HVAC techs. 

Jacob also co-hosts HVAC Knights, an HVAC-themed podcast that features contractors.  

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My favorite part with being a creator in the HVAC space, is really just letting loose, being who I truly am in my content as I am in person. And showing just day-to-day workflow and grind but having a good time being positive through the bullshit. 

It doesn’t hurt that it opens up doors and opportunities that I’d have never thought possible. So, if people think of doing social media content and “influence,” then just go for it!!”

Jacob Krauss, Co-owner of Bizzy Air

15. Mike Mayberry (HVAC_Refer_Guy)

HVAC refer guy instagram profile

Mike Mayberry is a safety manager for Nextech, covering all states west of the Mississippi, and owns HVAC_REFER_GUY LLC®.

He shares his knowledge of workplace safety, showcases video snippets of his work, and shares tips from his 38+ years of HVAC work experience.

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16. HVAC Savior

Gage with gauges tiktok profile

HVAC Savior also known as (Gagewithguages) specializes in AC installation, maintenance, and repair. On TikTok, he shows snippets of his HVAC services, offers HVAC tips, answers his followers’ questions with videos, and discusses starting and running an HVAC business.

17. Joshua Griffin

HVAC guide homeowners youtube profile

Joshua Griifin’s journey from being a poor child in a tailor park to owning Griffin Air LLC and being the author of The New HVAC Guide, an online resource that helps homeowners make informed buying decisions, is nothing short of inspirational.

His social media videos cover HVAC careers, HVAC system reviews, and live Q&A sessions. He also hosts the HVAC Guide For Homeowners Podcast.

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18. Joey Donohue

Air quality inc instagram profile

Joey Donohue, co-founder of Air Quality Inc, Air Conditioning and Electric, offers residential and commercial AC repair services. He showcases videos of real AC repair services on TikTok.

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19. Joe Feger

Michigan Heating guy youtube profile

Joe Ferger, popularly known as Michigan Heating Guy, is an expert HVAC technician and HVAC social media influencer based in Michigan. 

On his social media, he shares practical HVAC videos including Air Conditioning repair and installation jobs, heat exchangers, and boilers repair.

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20. Greg Fox

Fox family youtube profile

Greg Fox is the president of Fox Family Heating and Cooling, an HVAC company that offers heating and AC repair services in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, and all of Northern California. 

He creates videos on HVAC installation, heat pump troubleshooting, air condition troubleshooting, HVAC training, starting an HVAC company, and HVAC for beginners. 

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21. Dave Elliot

hoosier instagram profile

Dave Elliot (HoosierHVACR) is an HVACR tech with Empire Mechanical Heating & A/C, INC. in Bloomington, Indiana. 

With 30 years of experience in HVAC, Dave shares reviews of HVAC tools, service tips, and short, insightful videos of his HVAC jobs on social media.

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22. David Stojic (@DIYHVACGuy)

div hvac youtube profile

David Stojic founded Stojic Maintenance and Repair LLC in Utah. 

On social media, he provides informative DIY HVAC videos on cost-saving HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair insights, such as emergency heat repair, HVAC tool reviews, AC replacement, and furnace repair.

He also offers a membership with exclusive access to training materials and personalized remote HVAC support.

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23. Kenneth Carpenter

atlas AC youtube profile

Kenneth Carpenter is Atlas AC Repair, LLC’s Vice President. Based in San Antonio, Texas, he specializes in AC and heating repair, installation, and maintenance.

Also, he records videos of HVAC service sessions and provides homeowners with insights to help them make informed HVAC purchase decisions. 

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Also, where it applies, visit their website and blogs, as well as sign up for their newsletters to never miss critical tips and industry updates. 

And most of all, use the tips to boost your HVAC and increase customer satisfaction. 

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